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Bio Hotel Kunstquartier

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“We were able to integrate RoomPriceGenie into our operations very quickly and easily thanks to great usability and amazing online training.”

Balmoral House Hotel

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"I highly recommend RoomPriceGenie. It has saved me about 30 hours a month in time and increased our revenue by 15%. In my opinion, it is a must have system for any hotelier."

La Hacienda Inn

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“Our revenue has increased from $1.8M to $2.1M. Now that I see how much more revenue I can make, I really wish I started using RoomPriceGenie years ago.”

Hotel de la Bourse

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"I can honestly say that choosing RoomPriceGenie has been my best business decision ever in my nearly 30-year hospitality career."

Gasthaus Hof

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"With RoomPriceGenie we are able to increase our occupancy and revenue. Our sales are up 25% simply because we are now pricing rooms better."

Hotel am Augustinerplatz

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“Rather than spend hours each day with pricing research, we now simply check the rate and dedicate the time we save with RoompriceGenie to our guests.”

Hotel Piz Mitgel

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"Wonderful support and service from the RoomPriceGenie team combined with excellent revenue-generating software. We recommend RoomPriceGenie to every hotelier!"

Hotel Moguntia

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“I save one working day a week thanks to RoomPriceGenie that I can repurpose for other important work at the hotel, including servicing my guests.”

Inn Your Element

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“Accurate room pricing in today’s world is crucial for success. Since using RoomPriceGenie, our total revenue has increased considerably."

Carlton Hotel

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"We have increased our Average Daily Rate by almost 25% without losing occupancy."

Book Tekapo

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“Our business would not run as smoothly, and our income would not be as high if it weren’t for RoomPriceGenie.”

The Hanmer Springs Scenic View Motel

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"We are 100% supporters of room price genie and think every hotel and motel should have it."

Hotel Caprice

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"When I was told RoomPriceGenie had increased revenue in many hotels by 20%, I was skeptical. Today I would endorse it!"

Hotel Alpenblick

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"In low and mid season we can sell the rooms on average 15% more expensive."

Wanderlust Guesthouse

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"With RoomPriceGenie we were able to increase our occupancy and turnover. That is motivating!"

Aura Accommodation

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“I have more time now. I logged on today for the first time in a week, and yet I knew that over the course of the last week, my pricing was moving accurately and effectively with what was happening in the market.”

Hotel Vorab

Switzerland flag
"The market has changed extremely over the years. Especially in the area of pricing and revenue management, you can get a lot out of it if you get involved."

Alexandra Hotel

uk flag
“Doing the pricing started off as a fun game, but eventually the amount of work required on a daily basis (half an hour to an hour) combined with the fact that I knew I still wasn’t on top of everything, became a drag.”

Hotel Rössli Gourmet & Spa

Switzerland flag
"In terms of today, dynamic pricing is crucial to one's positioning in the market."

Your Apartment

uk flag
"It saves massive amounts of time each day and we’ve had excellent revenue results so far. We can honestly say it has saved 7-9 hours per week, allowing the system to do the work."

B_smart selection

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"The goal must be to sell the right room, at the right price, to the right guest."

Hotel Rössli

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"In summary, I can say that with RoomPriceGenie I was able to increase sales by 10%. I am very satisfied!"

Finca Son Jorbo

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"I would recommend RoomPriceGenie to other small hotels because it gives us confidence that we are offering the right price at the right time. In an era with so much competition, it can make the difference between getting the booking and losing it to someone else."

Salina Maris

Switzerland flag
“It was quite a lot of work every day and every week and our reactions were often slow. With RoomPriceGenie it’s automatic and reacts much faster on the short selling cycle.”

Hotel Emma

Netherlands flag
“I was doing everything manually and I was trying to look 365 -days in the future, but I was always too late. I was either fully booked much more in advance or I missed the opportunity to sell at double the price.”

Hotel Beausejour

"I have more time now, and I feel more comfortable. I can rely on RoomPriceGenie because it does see the changes in the markets and will help me with my pricing strategy in future."

The Life Suites

“You don’t wake up in the morning and say ‘I want to tweak my prices!’”

Portland Hotel

uk flag
"RoomPriceGenie drastically reduced the time spent comparing competitors, rates and market trends."

Pension Jägerhaus

germany flag
"Thanks to RoomPriceGenie, I now finally have time for other things and at the same time was able to increase my sales by 11%."

Hüttenzauber Hotels

Switzerland flag
"Work smarter, not harder."

Siesta Hotel

"I have been using RoomPriceGenie for 3 months and I am achieving the highest monthly revenues ever!"

Amaroo Apartments

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"Thanks to RoomPriceGenie, I only spend 15 minutes a week on my prices, but I am achieving on average around 20% higher rates for my summer season"
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