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Pension Seelos

Located in Mieming, Pension Seelos is a small, family-run business in Tyrol. The 30-room hotel has been in the family for three generations. Surrounded by nature, the area is known for its wedding venues and attracts guests looking to hike and golf in the summer and ski and cross-country ski in the winter. Manager Michael Seelos is passionate about providing high quality experiences, including locally-sourced breakfast, easy self check-in and personal attention to guests.
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Michael Seelos Owner Hotel Seelos
“Since using RoomPriceGenie, turnover at Pension Seelos has increased more than 20%.”

Michael Seelos

The Challenge

Rooms at Pension Seelos were the same price all year long, regardless of demand. Occasionally Michael would check to see what the other guesthouses in the area were charging but there was no pricing strategy in effect. As a result, the prices were often way too low and lots of money was being left on the table.

The Trigger

When the hotel upgraded its reservation software, Michael finally had the opportunity to investigate solutions that could help him optimize pricing. He was intrigued by RoomPriceGenie’s promise of an always-on solution that could ensure the hotel’s rooms were priced right, every night.

The Solution

With RoomPriceGenie implemented, Michael watched as new prices began populating the calendar. At first, he thought the prices were being set too high but he carefully watched the reviews and noticed that the ratings remained high, despite the higher rates. He says, “The system is very simple and we rarely change anything that’s automatically generated because it’s clearly working for us.”

The Result

Since using RoomPriceGenie, turnover at Pension Seelos has increased more than 20%. In addition, Michael can rest easy knowing that he is no longer ignoring room pricing. Rather, with RoomPriceGenie, pricing is always optimized and fair for both guests and his family.

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"Since using RoomPriceGenie, turnover at Pension Seelos has increased more than 20%."
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