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Hotel América Granada

The Hotel América Granada is a unique 19th-century historic house that has been carefully refurbished to retain its original charm while incorporating modern amenities for guest comfort. This distinctive property has been owned by the same family since its opening in 1936, just before the war. Initially, it served as a holiday retreat for Granada's elite, even hosting the Condor Legion during that time. The current owners, Belinda and her sister, took over operations from their parents in 2000, officially in 2007, to continue the family legacy.
Hotel América Granada
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“RoomPriceGenie has been an invaluable system that has drastically simplified the pricing process, provided greater control and understanding of the market, and helped to attract a more appropriate clientele to the hotel, improving the overall quality of the guest experience.”

Belinda Garzón

The Challenge

Prior to adopting RoomPriceGenie, Hotel América Granada's pricing approach was largely manual and extremely time-consuming, requiring several hours per day. Despite meticulous efforts, mismatches and errors occasionally occurred, especially surrounding major rate updates. Without complete pricing control, incorrect rates would sometimes be loaded, resulting in lost revenue from prices set too low or limited sales from excessively high rates.

The Trigger

The turning point for Hotel América Granada came when Belinda tested RoomPriceGenie's automated room pricing solution. After just 15 days, the transformative capabilities of the software became apparent. The owners were astounded by the automatic price updates every two hours based on real-time market data. This level of seamless automation represented a vastly improved approach compared to tedious manual pricing.

The Solution

The implementation of RoomPriceGenie has streamlined pricing processes for Hotel América Granada. Previously, many hours were dedicated to adjusting and monitoring rates. Now, only occasional glances and minor tweaks are needed to maintain optimal prices. RoomPriceGenie provides robust performance analytics detailing price fluctuations over time. This grants Hotel América Granada greater clarity and understanding of monthly and annual trends to inform strategic decisions. Adopting automated dynamic pricing has also attracted a higher caliber of clientele, aligning with the hotel's focus on upscale guests. Regular patrons have responded positively to the dynamic pricing, recognizing the necessary evolution to stay competitive.

The Result

RoomPriceGenie has eliminated around 80% of the tedious manual labor once required for room pricing. In addition, since implementing RoomPriceGenie, Hotel América Granada has experienced substantial gains in revenue and average daily rate. In fact, revenue increased approximately 15% year-over-year, equating to around €30,000 in additional revenue. In April, ADR reached €145.72 versus €114.34 the prior year. May ADR was €135.34 compared to €113.4 before. Despite potentially lower occupancy some months, these ADR improvements drove higher revenues, exemplifying the hotel's strategy of prioritizing yield over occupancy.

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