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Vassani Stay

Vassani Stay is a small boutique hotel with seven rooms in the heart of the bustling Canggu area of Bali. Thanks to its location, guests can experience the vibrant life of the local community up close. This aligns perfectly with Vassani's goal to ensure every guest has a pleasant, memorable stay.
Vassani Stay
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Astrid Leni Marlena
“Working with RoomPriceGenie is a very pleasant experience. The setup was easy and the whole process was well explained. The trial period gave us the conviction that the system works.”

Astrid Leni Marlena

The Challenge

Before adopting RoomPriceGenie, Vassani Stay relied on annual adjustments based on market research and manual updates throughout the year. “Vassani used to run at around 87% occupancy with continuous price increases in the prior years. The process itself was mainly a once-a-year time investment setting base and seasonal rates for the next year,” shared the general manager of Vassani Stay, Astrid Leni Marlena.

Based on the occupancy level, the team suspected they might be underpricing their rooms, particularly given the evolving post-pandemic landscape and increased competition in the area.

The Trigger

The shifting market dynamics post-pandemic, coupled with the influx of new competitors, prompted the Vassani Stay management to seek a more flexible pricing solution. Recognizing the limitations of their static pricing method, they started to look for a proactive approach to adapt to changing demand patterns and maximize revenue potential.

The Solution

“Working with RoomPriceGenie is a very pleasant experience. The setup was easy, and the whole process was well-explained. The trial period gave us the conviction needed that the system works,” said Astrid. The once-a-year process of determining base and seasonal rates is no longer in place. As an alternative to manually adjusting rates, RoomPriceGenie analyzes Vassani Stay's booking data, market trends, and demand data, and automatically optimizes its prices. “We try to refrain from making too many changes and let the software do its work. There is definitely less work needed in planning and updating prices”.

The Result

While it's still early to quantify the full impact of RoomPriceGenie, they are optimistic about the future. Despite the local market's general issue with occupancy levels, they are looking forward to seeing how RPG will help Vassani Stay in the upcoming high season. “The choice for changing the pricing method was never really about time-saving. We still follow the changes in prices on the software continuously and keep a close eye on occupancy levels”.

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