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Rate Calendar

The RoomPriceGenie automated pricing solution includes a sophisticated rate calendar in the solution’s dashboard. 

The rate calendar gives you visibility to and enables you to make updates to room rates and availability for specific dates, according to room types, based both on external factors (i.e., market demand, seasonality, local events, competitor pricing and holidays) and internal property data (i.e., historical data from the PMS). Using the rate calendar, your property will also price your rooms at the right rate, at the right time, 365 days per year. 


Using the RoomPriceGenie rate calendar, you can: 

Thanks to leveraging dynamic pricing, we’re finally able to capitalize on the events in our area, without having to spend time manually watching the calendar and altering pricing. So we’re saving time and driving more revenue.
Alexander Hochstein

Maximize Revenue

The rate calendar will also help you to make smarter decisions about inventory allocation and marketing strategies. Using the rate calendar, your property will be able to effectively allocate rooms across multiple distribution channels, with different price points and availability assigned for each room type and channel. 

Overall, using the rate calendar in the RoomPriceGenie automated pricing solution will help your property will reach more potential bookers and maximize your revenue.

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