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Hotel Altes Land

Just over 1.5 years ago, Jasper Wehrt took on a new challenge - owning the historic Hotel Altes Land in Jork, Lower Saxony. A beloved regional establishment, the family-owned hotel and restaurant has welcomed guests for over 175 years. With its restaurant, hotel, and banquet facilities, Hotel Altes Land is a pillar of the community.
Hotel Altes Land
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Jasper Wehrt, manager of Hotel Altes Land
“With RoomPriceGenie, we have successfully transitioned from fixed pricing to dynamic pricing and are seeing great results.”

Jasper Wehrt

The Challenge

Prior to Jasper's tenure, Hotel Altes Land relied on fixed room rates year-round, an outdated pricing model that failed to maximize revenue. Jasper recognized this antiquated approach set rates too low instead of dynamically adjusting to demand.

The Trigger

Upon assuming ownership, Jasper knew shifting strategies was crucial. He sought a revenue management partner that could bring dynamic pricing in line with modern hospitality standards. Transforming pricing was a top priority to finally realize the hotel's full revenue potential.

The Solution

Partnering with RoomPriceGenie proved a perfect match. With minimal effort, Jasper input key parameters and let the AI platform optimize pricing automatically. Now he simply monitors the system, letting RoomPriceGenie boost revenue in the background. The automated technology minimizes manual work, requiring only occasional adjustments. Additionally, RoomPriceGenie provides proactive guidance through performance monitoring and data-backed recommendations - a complimentary service Jasper appreciates.

The Result

Early data displays tremendous promise. RoomPriceGenie has filled the books through dynamic forecasting and pricing. Jasper looks forward to growing revenue by leveraging RoomPriceGenie's automation and intelligence.

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