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Hotel Etico

Nestled in the Blue Mountains, Hotel Etico provides comfortable accommodations and dining while empowering young people with disabilities. The hotel runs an impactful training program that employs young adults with disabilities, teaching them hospitality skills while paying full wages. For Hotel Manager Katie Parker, the most rewarding part is watching these trainees gain confidence during their time at Hotel Etico. Guests also enjoy supporting this inspiring social enterprise through their stay. At Hotel Etico, a getaway in the picturesque Blue Mountains doubles as a chance to change lives.
Hotel Etico Australia
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The staff of the Albergo Etico Tacabanda Restaurant and some parents
“With RoomPriceGenie, we’ve seen bookings double and revenue increase over a third year-over-year. We’ve never been more strategic with pricing thanks to its automation and insights.”

Katie Parker – Hotel Manager

The Challenge

For the most part, the hotel maintained fixed room rates year-round, with minor increases during peak periods like long weekends and holidays. The pricing process required intensive weekly monitoring of competitor rates to try and find the right price points. Even still, pricing was largely guesswork, taking 8 or more hours per week. As dates approached, the hotel would often drop rates attempting to fill rooms, leaving revenue on the table. With no dynamic pricing strategy, the manual work was fruitless and inefficient. The fixed rates failed to maximize revenue potential and lacked the agility to respond to market demand in real-time. The hotel needed a better solution to set competitive rates while reducing the time burden.

The Trigger

Katie was intrigued after being approached by the RoomPriceGenie team. Seeing the platform in action made the benefits clear. With the existing manual pricing process proving increasingly cumbersome and time-consuming, the hotelier realized an automated pricing solution could be a game-changer.

The Solution

Implementing RoomPriceGenie proved simple yet highly impactful. Katie found the AI-powered platform intuitive and effective to use. RoomPriceGenie’s algorithms work behind the scenes to effortlessly adjust rates based on market data. The hotel staff no longer needs to manually lower or raise prices. Rather, RoomPriceGenie optimizes pricing automatically. This continuous fine-tuning has made the hotel far more competitive. Already, the hotel has seen substantial increases in early week occupancy, achieving a long-standing goal. With RoomPriceGenie handling rate management, the hotel can focus on operations while the automated technology maximizes revenue.

The Result

RoomPriceGenie has boosted the hotel's bottom line. The AI platform analyzes demand data to calculate the ideal daily rate to sell the optimal number of rooms. This dynamic approach prices each room for maximum profitability, driving bookings and RevPAR in perfect balance. Though RoomPriceGenie lowered the hotel's Average Daily Rate, this strategic discounting allowed them to sell more rooms. With dynamic pricing filling previously unoccupied nights, overall revenue from November 9th to December 10th increased substantially year-over-year. The 36% revenue rise proves RoomPriceGenie maximizes profitability, not just room rates. By holistically optimizing pricing for both volume and price point, RoomPriceGenie enabled the hotel to drive more bookings and bottom line revenue. The platform's sophisticated algorithms precisely price rooms for ideal occupancy and RevPAR performance.

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