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La Hacienda Inn

Purvi Patel always wanted to be a hotelier. Fourteen years ago, he made his dream a reality and today he manages the daily operation of multiple hotels, including two franchise hotels and a small boutique hotel in the heart of downtown San Antonio, Texas. “I always wanted to be in the hotel business. Meeting new people from all over the world keeps me passionate about this business.”
Room from La Hacienda Inn
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La Hacienda Inn
“Our revenue has increased from $1.8M to $2.1M. Now that I see how much more revenue I can make, I really wish I started using RoomPriceGenie years ago.”

Purvi Patel

The Challenge

Due to the time it takes to run multiple hotels, Purvi couldn't stay on top of manually updating his rates, despite spending hours on it each week. He explains, “I was spending so much time manually updating our pricing but we were still leaving a lot of money on the table. Sometimes, demand was high but our rates were low. Other times, the rates were high and our demand was low. Pricing wasn’t optimized at all.”

The Trigger

Purvi grew increasingly frustrated by the revenue that was being left on the table with manual pricing. So, he began looking into automated rate management software. After conducting demos with multiple companies, he finally found RoomPriceGenie. He says, “RoomPriceGenie was a perfect fit for our needs. I was philosophically aligned with how the product worked, it had all the features I needed, and the price was very competitive.”

The Solution

The only complaint that Purvi has about RoomPriceGenie is that he didn’t start working with it sooner. He says, “RoomPrice Genie has been amazing. It takes the heaviest load off my shoulders and allows me to focus on running the hotels. I love how it’s always working in the background. For example, it updates rates every two hours, up to eight times a day, based on market demands, not just in house occupancy.” With RoomPriceGenie, the rates are always competitive. Purvi adds, “We would have never even thought of charging $350 or $399 per night when we were managing rates manually. RoomPriceGenie has done that multiple times in our busy season to great success.”

The Result

Over the last two year, La Hacienda Inn has increased both ADR and RevPar, driving revenue close to 20%, thanks to RoomPriceGenie. Purvi shares, “Our occupancy has gone from 40%-45% to 55%-60% with an ADR of $107.00. That's a big difference. As a result of our increased revenue, our business valuation has increased from $1.8M to $2.1M.” In addition to the monetary improvements, Purvi saves about 20-30 hours per week managing rates manually, and gets better results. With the time he saves he can focus on other hotel projects. He adds, “My time is much better spent now and I know that our prices will always be right with RoomPriceGenie working flawlessly in the background.

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