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Meaningful partnerships with RoomPriceGenie

We love to team up with our Partners since it enables us to jointly educate our clients, acquire new business together, and drive our audiences to excel at running their accommodations.

A selection of our happy Partners

We strive to help your company increase the possibilities and value of your product. Whether your expertise is in PMS, Channel Manger, consultancy, or other services, we are looking to accelerate your growth by fostering a productive partnership.

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Who should become a RoomPriceGenie partner?

Discover how our intuitive revenue management platform helps your clients thrive and how our partnership opens extra revenue streams for your business.


Individuals introducing RoomPriceGenie to accommodation owners in return for a reward

Consultants & agencies

Revenue and Hospitality consultants looking to use our solution to expand their business and knowledge

Tech providers

PMS, Channel manager, and other tech vendors looking to connect or implement our solutions


Established agencies looking to represent our solution whilst managing the full relationship with their clients

Educational institutions

Hospitality schools and instutes of all levels looking to educate and engage their students

Hospitality associations

Global, national and regional Hotel associations & Governmental agencies

What is the added value of a partnership with RoomPriceGenie?

  • A new field of expertise, enabling you to become a revenue management & dynamic pricing expert
  • Increased happiness of your clients, by making them more money
  • An additional income stream through referral rewards and/or reseller revenue share
  • A special discount for your clients once you pass your certification  (upon request for Consultants, Agencies, and Resellers)
  • A dedicated Partner manager whose goal is to grow business & our brands together (applicable to Consultants, Agencies, Tech partners, Educational institutions, Hospitality associations, and Resellers)
  • Direct contact to our commercial & customer success teams to guarantee  the best possible care for your clients
  • Expert reseller training (upon request for Resellers)
  • Expert revenue management & business performance training  (upon request for Consultants, Agencies, and Resellers)
  • Expert certifications
  • A welcome pack with all you need to get started & beyond!
  • A demo account
  • The RoomPriceGenie Academy
  • Reporting on our commercial results
  • In our public directory (applicable to Tech partners)
  • In co-branded promotional publications
  • At co-hosted virtual and offline events
  • In co-written thought leadership publications
  • In co-written client success stories
  • By setting goals together
  • By acquiring new business together
  • By providing you with business leads
  • By co-hosting commercial & educational sessions with our teams
  • By continuously educating and consulting our audiences


There are no joining or other fees

Referrals are paid out without a contract. 

We do have agreements in place with Consultants, Agencies, Tech partners, and Resellers. 

Educational institutions and Hospitality associations operate without an agreement.

When an accommodation subscribes to RoomPriceGenie after you have introduced them to us, you receive a reward in the amount of 2 monthly payments.

One (virtual) meeting is all it takes to get started right away. And you do not need to prepare anything in advance. So let’s do this and sign up by hitting the button below!