"We rise by Lifting Others"

Robert Ingersoll

We think it was Hugh Grant who once said, “No man is an island”. This is especially true in travel technology. The modern hotelier has access to hundreds of different interconnected apps, and we are all part of an ecosystem.

RoomPriceGenie are always looking for partners who can complement what we do. 

PMS and channel manager partners

Revenue management software has a real buzz at the moment. Why not offer it before your competitors do?

With a simple integration with RoomPriceGenie, your clients can have access to great pricing. We make it all simple and affordable.  It means more revenue for your clients, and happier customers for you. Contact us to see a demo of what we do and see what all the fuss is about RoomPriceGenie.

We can potentially also link through third-parties like Channex, Siteminder Exchange, and hapi cloud.

Reseller partners

We are looking for resellers with strong connections in parts of the world that are harder for us to do business in. We have great relations already in Iceland, Japan and New Zealand. And even in our home of Switzerland, Bocco group is doing a great job.

Revenue management consultants

We are a dream for revenue management consultants. You concentrate on the high-level advice, we do the leg work. RoomPriceGenie is very adaptable to your pricing strategies so you retain control. You can provide us in a package to your client as a relatively low-cost but high-value add-on. In Switzerland we work with SHS, the biggest and best respected RM consultants in the country. 


We have all sorts of partnerships with other bodies as well. We are part of the Hapimag innovation ecosystem.  We work closely with the École hôtelière de Lausanne as part of their impact hub. We are active members of the World Tourism Forum Lucerne community, as former winners of their innovation awards. We are part of the Venture Kick and Innosuisse programs. We really value collaboration as a way to share ideas and help each other out. If you have any ideas, let us know.

Get in touch with us below if any of this sounds interesting to you.

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