Can great pricing really be that easy?

Still struggling to price your rooms? RoomPriceGenie is an automated solution to help you get your rates right, every night. Perfect for not-so-large hotels, B&Bs and serviced apartments.

Let the Genie grant you three wishes ...

More time

90% of our clients are on Auto-Pilot, saving you from the repetitive tasks of checking your competition and pickup

Increased revenue

+22% more income compared to the same period last year, check the case study here

Peace of mind

98% recommendation score on

Price confidently

Understand exactly how your prices are calculated, making it easy to adjust your pricing strategy. And if you need help, our great support team is always there. 

Automate the process

Eliminate the daily grind. Multiple times a day the Genie checks your market and occupancy, optimizes your prices for the next 365 days and directly updates in your PMS or Channel Manager. 

Hotel Spider
Little Hotelier

“RoomPriceGenie is a valuable solution for our small property in an emerging marketplace. It’s taken the emotion and much of the bias out of our rate setting process. Because our entry rates are adjusted up or down based on market and property sell thru, we are better meeting occupancy and profit goals. We’ve had the solution in place almost a year. Our monthly results are up as much as 20% over last year.”

Marc, Owner of Domaine de Montboulard in Soyaux, France

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