The best investment in your property – automating your pricing

When your potential guests book online, having the right price at the right time is key. That’s why we built RoomPriceGenie – a simple app that connects to your PMS (or channel manager) and automates great pricing.

An app that connects to your PMS, automates your pricing, and increases your revenue

Multiple times a day, RoomPriceGenie:

On average 22% more revenue

When you sell online, static prices will almost always be too high or too low. Automating your pricing stops you from leaving money on the table. Check the case study here.

You are in control of your strategy

Conservative or aggressive? Minimum and maximum prices? Simple settings make it easy to adjust your strategy.

97% recommendation score

RoomPriceGenie has the best-in-class recommendation score on

Used by hoteliers and property managers from all over the world to increase revenue

  • Alexandra Hotel, England
  • Aura Accommodation, New Zealand
  • Salina Maris Spa Hotel, Switzerland
  • Your Apartment Group, United Kingdom

It has been a great investment

“Overall the results I’ve found have been hugely positive. In terms of time-saving, I now have an extra hour a day. But this is inconsequential to me compared to the increase in revenue that I’ve had. I started using the system in January and in February my revenue was almost double the previous year. For me, it has been a great investment.”


Owner of Alexandra Hotel, Weymouth, England

More time and accurate prices

“I have more time now. I logged on today for the first time in a week, and yet I knew that over the course of the last week, my pricing was moving accurately and effectively with what was happening in the market.”


Owner of Aura Accommodation, New Zealand

From Excel to effortless

“It was quite a lot of work every day and every week and our reactions were often slow. With RoomPriceGenie it’s automatic and reacts much faster on the short selling cycle.”

Dr. Markus Schmid

Manager of Salina Maris Spa Hotel, Switzerland

A massive time saver with excellent revenue results

“Overall using RoomPriceGenie has been hugely proactive for us as a growing business. It saves massive amounts of time each day and we’ve had excellent revenue results so far. We can honestly say it has saved 7-9 hours per week, allowing the system to do the work.”


Owner of Your Apartment, Bristol, UK

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