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The Hanmer Springs Scenic View Motel

The Hanmer Springs Scenic View Motel is a 16-unit motel in New Zealand located in North Canterbury on the South Island. The motel caters to couples and families and offers their guests a home away from home. "Meeting our guests is what we enjoy the most, and seeing them become regular guests is the best reward," says Emma Browning, who, together with her partner Tony, have been the owners of the motel since 2020.
The Hanmer Springs Scenic View Motel
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Emma Browning & Tony Reid from The Hanmer Springs Scenic View Motel
“We are 100% supporters of room price genie and think every hotel and motel should have it.”

Emma Browning & Tony Reid

The Challenge

"Getting around to updating our room pricing every day was a mission", continues Emma. "On many days, we were too busy running the motel and just left the prices. We knew we missed out on revenue opportunities."

The Trigger

When Emma met New Zealand-based Genie Matt and heard about RoomPriceGenie, she was ready to start. "We were short-staffed, and this was one place we could see to save time and make more money," explains Emma.

The Solution

Emma and the team at The Hanmer Spring Scenic View Motel are fans. They like the product and service so much that they have promoted it to other local motels that started with the system since then. They appreciate the ease of setting up the system at the start and the intuitive use of the software. "It is a time saver not having to think about checking our room prices every day." Says Emma. "The pricing automation is ideal, especially when we are busy running the motel. Matt and the team at RoomPriceGenie have been supportive throughout our revenue journey." And with RoomPriceGenies' automated real-time integration with the motel's Property Management System Seekom, there is no need to update pricing manually.

The Result

"When we started, our goals were to drive more revenue plus save time on the manual pricing work," explains Emma. And the results speak for themselves. "Our occupancy is up by 10% compared to last year and revenue by about 15%! We are 100% supporters of room price genie and think every hotel and motel should have it."

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