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Bio Hotel Kunstquartier

Bio Hotel Kunstquartier is a 23-room, family-run hotel near Nuremberg Germany. With a focus on organic materials and sustainability, the 4-star hotel stands apart from other hotels in the area.
Bio Hotel Kunstquartier
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Alexander Hochstein
“We were able to integrate RoomPriceGenie into our operations very quickly and easily thanks to great usability and amazing online training.”

Alexander Hochstein

The Challenge

With many trade fairs in Nuremberg, there is a lot of fluctuation in hotel room prices in the area. Without revenue management experience in-house, it was difficult for staff to accurately set room rates and stay on top of the schedule of events in town. As a result, the hotel was often leaving money on the table with under-priced rooms.

The Trigger

When RoomPriceGenie reached out to Harry about its services, Harry realised that they could be saving valuable time and effort and driving more revenue through dynamic pricing, especially during peak periods.

The Solution

RoomPriceGenie was very easy and fast to integrate into the hotel’s operations due to the support and online coaching offered by RoomPriceGenie. Alexander adds, “We’re a family-run hotel and technology isn’t our forte but RoomPriceGenie felt like it was made just for us. There’s no doubt it has professional power but it’s really simple to use.”

The Result

Since using RoomPriceGenie, sales at Bio Hotel Kunstquartier have increased, largely because trade fairs are taken into account when to determine room rates. Alexander shares, “Thanks to leveraging dynamic pricing, we’re finally able to capitalize on the events in our area, without having to spend time manually watching the calendar and altering pricing. So we’re saving time and driving more revenue.”

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