The simpler way to price your rooms

With RoomPriceGenie you can automate the repetitive tasks of checking your market, pickup and calculating prices.

Everything you need for extraordinary pricing

Market analysis

By analyzing thousands of market prices we make sure you never miss an opportunity

Pickup analysis

You’re getting fewer or more bookings than expected? Our optimization algorithm will react quickly


Get real-time updates on events of all kinds! From concerts, sports games to exhibitions and tradeshows

You are in control

Click on a price and understand exactly how the price is calculated, making it easy to adjust your pricing strategy.

Price Calendar Date Price Roompricegenie

Basic control features

Set boundaries

Set minimum and maximum prices, making sure your rates are always in your comfort-zone

Manage Exceptions

Change individual dates by making percentage adjustments or fixing prices

Define cycles

Manage seasonality and day-of-week patterns with monthly and weekday adjustments

Advanced control features

Yield room types individually

React to different booking behaviour on an individual room-type basis

Implement more specific strategies

Apply more granular modifications with our simple bulk-adjustment features

Take more control of the algorithm

Using lead-time adjustments, target occupancy, aggressiveness and more …

Automate the process

Eliminate the daily grind. Multiple times a day the Genie will optimize your prices and directly update in your PMS or Channel Manager. 

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Hotel Beausejour, Paris, France - Massiva & Emmanuel

I have more time now, and I feel more comfortable

“I was checking rates manually and I was always one step behind. We were missing out on selling for better pricing and even missing special events.
Now I can rely on RoomPriceGenie because it does see the changes in the future and will help me with my pricing strategy.”

Massiva & Emmanuel

Owners at Hotel Beausejour, Paris, France

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