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Balmoral House Hotel

Since 1975, the Petrides family has run the Balmoral Hotel, a small Bed and Breakfast near Hyde Park in London. The hotel is one of the last family-run hotels in the area, making it unique in a market full of brand-name hotels.
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Harry Balmoral
“I highly recommend RoomPriceGenie. It has saved me about 30 hours a month in time and increased our revenue by 15%. In my opinion, it is a must have system for any hotelier.”

Harry Petrides

The Challenge

For hoteliers, adjusting pricing based on the season and other factors is critical for success. Harry Petrides was spending a lot of valuable time every day adjusting pricing, which took him away from other areas of the business. He shares, “I estimate that my pricing was accurate about 80% of the time. But, I spent a lot of time on it and during some extremely busy periods, I found that our rooms were underpriced. In managing my pricing manually, I was investing a lot of my time and I was still leaving money on the table, which wasn’t ideal.”

The Trigger

When RoomPriceGenie reached out to Harry about its services, he realised that he could be saving valuable time and effort and driving more revenue through dynamic pricing, especially during peak periods.

The Solution

What Harry likes most about RoomPriceGenie is that it is fully customisable and hoteliers have the ability to adjust the price manually, at any time. Harry explains, “By allowing hoteliers to tweak pricing, RoomPriceGenie has allowed us to create a pricing policy that is specifically suited to our individual needs.”

The Result

With RoomPriceGenie, revenue at Balmoral Hotel has increased by approximately 15%. In addition, Harry is saving around 30 hours per month that he used to spend researching customer traffic and adjusting prices accordingly. In addition, the occupancy rate has increased during slower periods, thanks to dynamic pricing. Given the results, Harry considers RoomPriceGenie a great value. He says, “The price of RoomPriceGenie makes it a no-brainer. If it was more expensive I might’ve continued doing the work manually but for the price, it was an easy decision.”