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Autopilot Feature

The RoomPriceGenie automated pricing solution has a built-in autopilot feature that you can choose to activate to better manage your rates, boost bookings and overall revenue, without the need for additional staff or annoying tech headaches. 

How does the autopilot feature work?

Using autopilot, you can fully relax, knowing your prices are set exactly the way you want them. Autopilot makes the process of calculating and updating optimal room rates, and managing inventory, completely hands-free, offering:

What are the key benefits of the autopilot feature?

Eliminates Human Error

The autopilot feature eliminates the risk that mistakes will be made when manually setting room rates and in inventory management. This will optimize your revenue and prevent inventory-related issues, such as overbooking.

Work More Efficiently

As the RoomPriceGenie automated pricing solution is doing all the “heavy lifting” by adjusting your room rates as market demand changes, the autopilot feature saves you time and effort; using RoomPriceGenie, your property can save 10 hours of manual pricing updates per week!

This will also help your property minimize the number of staff necessary to manage your property’s pricing and distribution – a huge benefit given the difficulties the hospitality industry is currently experiencing in hiring and retaining staff.

Increased Occupancy & Overall Profitability

As your room rates become more competitive, your hotel will become more attractive to potential guests, resulting in an increase in occupancy, and maximizing your revenue potential and overall profitability. In fact, hotels that use the RoomPriceGenie automated pricing solution have been shown to increase their revenue by 22% (with increased ADR); for an average 19-room hotel, that equals an increase of $70,000 in revenue per year!

Room Rate Updates in Real-Time

The RoomPriceGenie autopilot feature can react more quickly to sudden changes in market supply or demand than humans can so your room rates will always be priced accurately, to secure you the most bookings with the highest ADR possible. No matter if it’s slow or peak season, the RoomPriceGenie automated pricing solution, with the built-in autopilot feature, will make your pricing and inventory management effective and completely painless.

After a cautious start with automated pricing and still checking rates, we quickly gained confidence with the RoomPriceGenie application and switched on complete automation. Auto-pilot helps us save time and ensure we are on top of all.
Michael Gehring from Hotel Piz Mitgel

Improved Guest Experience

When your staff doesn’t have to spend hours manually calculating and updating room rates, it leaves them more time to optimize the guest experience. Happier guests mean more positive reviews, which will increase your perceived value in the minds of potential guests and, as a result, more bookings from the OTAs.

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