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Vista Cay Resort by Orlando Resort Rentals

Orlando Resort Rentals is a vacation home management company specializing in the Vista Cay Resort. In business since 2006, Orlando Resort Rentals is Vista Cay's premier rental company, managed by Daniel Waldron. He shares, “Over the last 20 years I have grown the business from one unit to 47 units. Our dedication to perfect housekeeping and quality guest service is unparalleled.”
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Picture of Daniel Waldron
“Within one year of using RoomPriceGenie, ADR increased by 35% and revenue increased by 60%.”

Daniel Waldron

The Challenge

Orlando Resort Rentals competes with larger hotels in the area that have full time revenue managers. Since he did all pricing manually, Daniel struggled to stay on top of price and occupancy trends. As a result, the apartment units were always underpriced and sold out too quickly. In fact, Daniel would often hear guests say, “I can’t believe this rental was so inexpensive.”

The Trigger

During the pandemic, Daniel had some down time to investigate rate management platforms. In the past, the solutions he tried or heard about were either focused on hotels on vacation rentals, but neither integrated well with his technology stack or were easy to use. Daniel was motivated to find a solution because he knew that when people returned to travel, pricing would be critical to his success, especially since he added more units during Covid-19 and had limited staff on hand to help. He read RoomPriceGenie’s great reviews on Hotel Tech Report and decided to reach out.

The Solution

Unlike other solutions, RoomPriceGenie is completely transparent and allows users to make any desired changes to pricing. Because it’s so easy to use, Daniel chooses to log in twice a week to make little tweaks. And, at the end of the month he jumps in to set his occupancy goals for the following months. Otherwise, RoomPriceGenie runs in the background and ensures his rentals are priced right, every night.

The Result

Within one year of using RoomPriceGenie, ADR increased by 35% and revenue increased by 60%. In addition to travel returning in 2022, Daniel began maximizing rates in peak season – March, April, June and July. Daniel says, “During periods like Spring break and convention season, we are able to get higher rates then I thought was possible before. They’re probably double what I was setting when I priced manually, but they’re selling and no one complains.”