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Carlton Hotel

Together with his brother, Jeffrey Van Vooren, he manages Hotel Carlton. Hotel Carlton is a small hotel in the city centre of Ghent, Belgium, and Jeffrey and his team strive to offer a personal hotel experience. Jeffrey's mantra for running the hotel is, "Making our guests happy does not only make them happy, but it also makes me happy!"
Carlton Hotel
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Jeffrey Van Vooren from Carlton Hotel
“We have increased our Average Daily Rate by almost 25% without losing occupancy.”

Jeffrey Van Vooren

The Challenge

"What can we tell about all the lost time?", Says Jeffrey. "In the past, I had to keep an eye on everything. I cannot imagine how much more revenue we could have generated if we had connected RoomPriceGenie from the beginning."

The Trigger

The hotel's previous PMS System was old and did not allow Jeffrey to connect modern hotel technology like an automated revenue management system. Once they switched to a modern cloud-based system, connections were possible. "I did not have to think about the decision to implement RoomPriceGenie for very long", says Jeffrey. "Especially to free trial and connection, made the decision to start with RoomPriceGenie very easy for me."

The Solution

"The RoomPriceGenie application is very intuitive and accessible. I am 100% in control, and after testing it for a week and tuning on the autopilot functionality, I hardly have to spend time in the application." Jeffrey mentioned when asked about the guest's response: "I don't think our guests are concerned by dynamic pricing. That is all thanks to the airline industry. Even our regular guests are not upset about it and understand that, especially after covid, things change."

The Result

The Carlton Hotel has increased its Average Daily Rate by almost 25% without losing occupancy. "Looking at the results plus adding our time saving for not having to price our hotel rooms manually, I am a very happy hotelier."

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