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Hotel Piz Mitgel

Hotel Piz Mitgel is a 29-room hotel in Savognin, Switzerland. The guesthouse has welcomed guests for over six decades, and after renovations, Mr & Mrs Gehring re-opened the hotel in December 2022. "We aim to provide first-class service in combination with a traditional, familial atmosphere," Says Mr Gehring.
Hotel Piz Mitgel
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Michael Gehring from Hotel Piz Mitgel
“Wonderful support and service from the RoomPriceGenie team combined with excellent revenue-generating software. We recommend RoomPriceGenie to every hotelier!”

Michael Gehring

The Challenge

With a new hotel, the owners needed a new pricing strategy. Doing pricing manually was not an option for the new owners since it was time-consuming and often inaccurate. So they looked for pricing automation software to help them with their revenue management strategy.

The Trigger

"Dynamic pricing is more important than ever!" Says Mr Gehring. "Therefore, we wanted to get a solution that both sets the optimal prices and communicates directly with the hotel property management software (Mews)."

The Solution

"After a cautious start with automated pricing and still checking rates, we quickly gained confidence with the RoomPriceGenie application and switched on complete automation. Auto-pilot helps us save time and ensure we are on top of all."

The Result

Although the hotel has been on the market for a couple of months, the owners of Hotel Piz Mitgel are very optimistic. "We have seen a steady increase in rates and bookings, and we receive top support and service from the RoomPriceGenie team to make the most out of the software," Says Mr Gehring. "I can recommend RoomPriceGenie to every hotelier!