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How it all started

When Ari visited his 77 year old father at his Bed and Breakfast in England, he could see that the competition was getting stronger and his father wasn’t getting his pricing quite right. The B&B he and his partner run was sometimes empty and sometimes booked up too early at too low a price.

Ari (picture on location), having spent 15 years creating trading algorithms for financial markets, knew he could build a solution that would increase their revenue. He set out to interview hoteliers in a similar position, find partners equally passionate about the independent hotel experience, and create a revenue management solution intended specifically for smaller hotels.

Ari’s father increased revenue by over $50,000 in the first year – not bad for 15 rooms.

Ari Andricopoulos

Our team

RoomPriceGenie’s pricing solution was built on the feedback from some of the top revenue managers in the world, whilst never forgetting that our clients are people like Ari’s father.

Marvin spoke to literally hundreds of hotels, finding out their deepest problems. Jörg, sitting opposite him, put the earplugs in to block out Marvin’s chat and concentrated on using that feedback to create a product that you would love to use. 

Your successes are our successes. By partnering with our customers, our product is always improving.

The RoomPriceGenie Team together in Marbella.

Our mission

We love independent hotels and we have a mission to bring you the best possible pricing with the least possible work. You guys deserve to be able to compete with the big chains, and we’re here to help you.

We understand what it’s like running a hotel. We know that our solution must be simple to use. We know it has to be affordable. And we know that top quality pricing is hugely important, so we never scrimp on that. Our customers help us build our solution, and their feedback is consistently positive. We hope that you will try it too.

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Our revenue management advisory board

Regular input from these world-class revenue management experts helps to shape our product
Scott Dahl Advisory Board

Scott Dahl is Senior Vice President of Sales, Marketing, and Revenue Management at Wurzak Hotel Group. Scott joined Wurzak after six years living in Switzerland, where he taught revenue management, digital marketing, and hospitality strategy at ecole hoteliere Lausanne (EHL). A 30-year veteran of the hospitality industry, Scott has held corporate-level Revenue Management positions at Interstate Hotels, Sunstone Hotel Properties, Hersha Hospitality Management, and most recently Apple Leisure Group. He graduated from The University of Massachusetts with a degree in Hospitality and Tourism Management and was recognized in 2005 as one of the 25 Outstanding Minds in Hospitality Sales and Marketing by HSMAI (Hotel Sales and Marketing Association International).

Gianluca Marongiu

Gianluca Marongiu is Managing Partner, Senior Consultant and Lecturer at Swiss Hospitality Solutions. Thanks to his specialization in revenue management, e-commerce and digital marketing, he has led his company and his team to industry leadership in the last 10 years. His 9-member team accompanies hotels, restaurants and destinations with innovative projects to modern success. The young entrepreneur is a trained hotelier and also has a lot of hotel experience and a large network in the tourism industry. In 2016, Gianluca Marongiu won the Tourimus Milestone Award in the category of young talent for his achievements in revenue management.

Marco Rosso

Marco Rosso is the Revenue and Ecommerce Director at Planhotel Group SA, a family-owned hotel management company overseeing a portfolio of 11 properties across the Maldives, Kenya, Tanzania, Switzerland, and Italy. With a rich heritage in the hospitality industry, Marco has spent nine years in hotel technology, growing and leading large sales teams at Triptease, Siteminder, Cloudbeds, and Canary Technologies. Born and raised in the hospitality sector, he graduated from the École Hôtelière de Lausanne. His legacy in hospitality dates back to his grandfather, who founded Francorosso International, once Italy’s largest tour operator, later acquired by Alpitour.