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Hostelle is a group of female-only hostels in Amsterdam, Barcelona, and London. Bianca Brasdorp, the visionary behind the Amsterdam hostel, opened its doors in March 2012, pioneering women-only accommodations. Following its success, she expanded to Barcelona and London, all with a shared commitment to providing a safe and welcoming space for female travelers. Their team, predominantly composed of women, works collaboratively to uphold this mission.
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Charlotte Gapps
“You have been really good with helping anytime I need anything. Either an email or call and it gets all sorted. RoomPriceGenie made my job much easier.”

Charlotte Gapps

The Challenge

Pricing used to be a time-consuming manual process involving extensive research and adjustments based on occupancy and market rates. “We would look at and HostelWorld and see where we are compared to the other cheap hostels around in our area. And we would base our prices almost off them. But because we have our niche aspect, we did put ourselves up a little bit higher. We were also looking at occupancy. We were typing in the price every day and for every bedroom type – and we have quite a few. So it was a lot of research, figuring out things and then applying it in a very long and annoying way,” shared the manager of the Hostelle in London, Charlotte.

She used to spend around nine hours a week on research, calculations, and price adjustments!

The Trigger

There were also missed revenue opportunities: “One of the challenges was that we would miss opportunities because I can't be here all the time checking the prices.” And occasional pricing mishaps and errors: “It was really easy to make miscalculations because instead of putting it up little by little, we would jump and then we wouldn't sell any beds. It was very hard to figure out a sweet spot,” shared Charlotte.

The desire for a more efficient and accurate pricing approach prompted consideration of RoomPriceGenie. Initially, unaware of the accessibility of such systems for smaller properties, Charlotte’s interest was piqued after she heard about RoomPriceGenie, and she thought it would be a great opportunity for hostels in Amsterdam and London.

The Solution

RoomPriceGenie is “not just making the job quicker, but it gives us different insights that we're not used to.”

The ease of use and recommendations from Genie’s revenue management experts made Charlotte’s learning journey easier: “I'm not a big software person, but it's very easy to use. I think the way it’s all set up with all the different options makes it user-friendly and you can adapt it to what you want it to be.”

She also shared: “One of the things that I love is the expected occupancy percentage for the month. That's handy for me because it gives me an indicator if we are doing well compared to the market or not.”

The Result

RoomPriceGenie helped streamline pricing adjustments, reducing the weekly time investment from nine hours to just 15 minutes a day.

Beyond the significant time savings, the hostel observed a steadier Average Daily Rate (ADR), enhancing guest satisfaction and increasing repeat bookings. “I think the steadiness of the price is making us have more return customers and people also suggesting us to more people.”

Moreover, it helps the whole team to be more efficient since they have more time to take care of other aspects of the business.

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