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Teardrop Hotel Group

Teardrop Hotels is a collection of 7 luxury boutique hotels situated across Sri Lanka. Since its beginning in 2007 with the opening of Wallawwa, Teardrop Hotels has continuously evolved, adding gems like Fort Bazaar and Kumu Beach to its portfolio. Managed by Umayanga Gunarathna, Teardrop Hotels embodies a stylish, service-driven approach, and champions Sri Lanka's rich culture.
Teardrop Hotel Group
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Umayanga Gunarathna
“We have achieved approximately 200% improvement in online booking collectively vs last financial year and it was a real success for us.”

Umayanga Gunarathna

The Challenge

Teardrop Hotels faced significant challenges in pricing its properties effectively. With the tourism rebuilding post-COVID lockdowns and the economic crisis, it became clear they needed to capture more effectively the real demand in the market. Manual pricing methods turned out to be time-consuming, and subject to error. Their price calculations often were implemented too late, so they were missing out on revenue opportunities. Despite detailed analysis, Teardrop Hotels struggled to align its rates with fluctuating market demands, resulting in underpriced rooms during peak periods and lost revenue potential.

The Trigger

When they analyzed competitors, they realized competitors were leveraging dynamic pricing strategies more effectively and were way ahead of them. Daily market fluctuations placed the properties at a competitive disadvantage, highlighting the urgent need for a fast, data-driven pricing approach.

The Solution

Embracing RoomPriceGenie improved Teardrop Hotels online presence overnight. With easy and seamless integration into their existing Channel Manager, RoomPriceGenie provided a user-friendly platform for setting dynamic rates based on customized parameters. Umayanaga, the hotel group manager shares, “Rate decisions are made based on parameters we put. The RoomPriceGenie team assisted with the setup which allowed us to do trial and error practices which enhanced our ability to understand how the fluctuations need to be done.”

The Result

Teardrop Hotels' occupancy targets are consistently met, with an upward trend in both occupancy rates and average room rates (ARR). Collective online bookings have improved by approximately 200% compared to the previous financial year. By saving time on manual rate adjustments and embracing data-driven pricing decisions, Teardrop Hotels has unlocked opportunities for growth and profitability.

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