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Learning Objectives

This is a hands-on course giving actionable insights to increase profitability using the latest hotel technology. After completing it, along with the accompanying checklist, you should feel more comfortable with revenue management and technology and see a significant increase in profitability. You will gain:

  • A self-sufficiency with the vast array of hotel software and a knowledge of the most suitable for your hotel
  • A better understanding and feeling for revenue management
  • Multiple tips to increase your revenue further
  • An appreciation of the benefits and control you have with automation of pricing
  • A good level at branding and digital marketing as it applies to hotels
  • Optional expert courses, for example in advanced revenue management, or Google My Business sufficiency.
  • Noticeable increase in revenue versus your peer group

Recommended Know-How

  • No previous knowledge required
  • This course takes you from beginner to advanced level

Course Sections

Video Icon 15342Welcome to the RoomPriceGenie Academy
Video Icon 15342Why Hotel Technology
Video Icon 15342Common mistakes
Video Icon 15342Basics of Revenue Management
Video Icon 15342Why is Revenue Management important?
Video Icon 15342Strategy vs. Tactics
Video Icon 15342Prediction and Optimization
Video Icon 15342Demo RoomPriceGenie
quiz Icon 2809198Self-Check: Basics of Revenue Management Systems
Video Icon 15342 Weekly and Seasonal Cycles
Video Icon 15342 Charging Too Little
Video Icon 15342 OTA Discounts
Video Icon 15342 Room & Rate Structure
Video Icon 15342 Gaps between Rooms
Video Icon 15342 Upgrades
Video Icon 15342 Minimum Stays
quiz Icon 2809198 Self-Check: Revenue Management
Video Icon 15342 Branding
Video Icon 15342 Direct Bookings
Video Icon 15342 Website
Video Icon 15342 OTA Profile
Video Icon 15342 Content Marketing
Video Icon 15342 Online Touchpoints
Video Icon 15342 Review Management
quiz Icon 2809198 Self-Check: Digital Hotel Marketing
Video Icon 15342Cloud PMS
Video Icon 15342Distribution
Video Icon 15342OTA Handling
Video Icon 15342Upselling and Cross-Selling
Video Icon 15342Meta-Sites
Video Icon 15342Benchmarking
quiz Icon 2809198Self-Check: Cloud Technology, Distribution and More
Video Icon 15342 Video Series: Advanced Revenue Management with Scott Dahl
Video Icon 15342 Video Series: Direct Bookings (CRO) with Thea Prpic
Video Icon 15342 Video Series: Google My Business with Thea Prpic
Video Icon 15342 Video Series:  Channel Management with Elisha Schopping
Video Icon 15342 Video Series:  Reading an STR report with Scott Dahl
Checklist Icon 3899219Checklist: System
Checklist Icon 3899219Checklist: Set Pricing – Annual
Checklist Icon 3899219Checklist: Set Pricing – Daily / Weekly Basis
Checklist Icon 3899219Checklist: OTA Online Presence
Checklist Icon 3899219Checklist: OTA Managment
Checklist Icon 3899219Checklist: Guest Experience
Checklist Icon 3899219Checklist: Website

Our Top Instructors

Ari Andricopoulos Roompricegenie Academy

Ari Andricopoulos
CEO RoomPriceGenie

Ari, with a PhD in mathematics, has numbers running through his head most of the time. But with a father who owns a small hotel, has hospitality running through his veins. He co-founded RoomPriceGenie in 2017 to bring the two together.

Roompricegenie Academy

Daniel Plancic
Head of SHS Academy

Daniel heads the SHS Academy, the innovative training institute for the Swiss hotel industry, and is looking forward to an exciting project with long-time partner RoomPriceGenie

Scott Roompricegenie

Prof. Scott Dahl
Professor at Les Roches Global Hospitality

Program Director of the Master´s in Hospitality Strategy and Digitial Transformation at Les Roches Global Hospitality School in Crans-Montana, Switzerland.

We create better learning experiences.

With the vast array of software out there, many hotels are confused as to which to use and how to get maximum benefit from them. With a packed schedule, you need advice that both saves you time and increases your revenue. This course is built to be practical, rather than theoretical. It guides you through the simplest ways to increase revenue, before taking you on to more advanced revenue expertise. Organised with a checklist to plot progress, this course is a blueprint to revenue success. Note that the course is free to clients of our partner PMS and Channel Manager companies. Ask them to contact us about becoming a partner.
Hotel Tech Professionals

This course puts together the knowledge from the hotel tech and revenue management industry, in a concise and pleasant way, to give a great background understanding of the industry. If you are in a client-facing role, this course will prepare you to have the answers to the questions you are asked. This course will be given free to all hotel tech professionals from partner companies of RoomPriceGenie – feel free to contact us to become a partner.

Hotel School Students

A practical and up-to-the minute supplement to any hotel-school course, this course cuts through the theory to show you what you will really need to know when you turn up for your first day at work in hotel administration. Combining revenue management, digital marketing and hotel technology, it is a concise and highly valuable guide. Already offered to hundreds of students, ask your hotel school to contact us about supplying it to your school free of charge.

Yuriy Barabantsev

“Our students were very happy to be provided with the opportunity of using RoomPriceGenie Academy and I received very positive comments in class… The course is simply very good.”

Yuriy Barabantsev

Lecturer in Revenue Management, Switzerland

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