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Buasri Boutique Patong

Buasri Boutique Patong is a family-owned hotel, 15 minutes walk away from a well-known Patong Beach. Nestled in a quiet area, away from the hustle and bustle of the tourist crowds it offers a relaxed atmosphere alongside its signature, jade-colored, swimming pool – loved and appraised by guests on online reviews.
Buasri Boutique Patong
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Jacky Huang, Revenue Analyst for Buasri Boutique Patong
“RoomPriceGenie helped reduce my time on pricing by 70%. Now I only need to monitor the rates and performance once a week because I know that my rate is in the good hands of the automated pricing system.”

Jacky Huang

The Challenge

Seeking new opportunities after working in corporate jobs, Jacky and his partner took over the hotel operations from their family. Jacky, being responsible for the hotel’s sales and marketing, used to work on pricing in a spreadsheet with different price points for each month. Then he would adjust the price for each day based on the occupancy.

As Jacky shares, “The method works well because we’re practicing dynamic rates. But the pain is that it would take me hours every day to monitor and adjust the rates. This took a large chunk of time from me.

Moreover, sometimes I will need to do the price points again due to how the marker or competitors changed their price. With manual rate adjusting, the hotel sometimes sees human errors as well.”

The Trigger

Motivated to streamline pricing and save time, Jacky explored various revenue management systems. However, as he shares “My mindset was that RMS is very expensive and only big hotels can afford it.”

Upon discovering RoomPriceGenie's positive reputation and suitability for small to medium-sized hotels, he decided to book a demo.

The Solution

RoomPriceGenie seamlessly integrated into Buasri Boutique Patong's operations, offering an intuitive interface and automated pricing capabilities. Jacky praises the system's ease of use and minimalistic design, which have significantly reduced the time spent on rate monitoring and adjustment. In his own words, “RoomPriceGenie saved me tons of time and effort in dealing with dynamic pricing for our hotel.

Moreover, the daily price adjustment helped us make more revenue than we could with manual pricing. This is all you can ask for from someone who’s in charge of hotel pricing.”

The Result

Since implementing RoomPriceGenie, the time Jacky spends on pricing has reduced by 70%, allowing him to focus on other critical aspects of hotel management. Additionally, the hotel's Revenue per Available Room (RevPAR) has increased by approximately 67% compared to the previous year, underscoring the system's impact on revenue optimization. Jacky adds “Now I only need to monitor the rates and performance once a week because I know that my rate is in the good hands of the automated pricing system.”

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