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What is RevPAR and How Can Your Hotel Increase It?

What is RevPAR and How Can Your Hotel Increase It

RevPAR (revenue per available room) is the most common measure of success of a hotel’s revenue and marketing strategy. It is actually a very simple measure, and is a better performance indicator than ADR (Average Daily Rate).

Why are we offering a hotel technology academy?

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We have put a lot of care and hard work into building RoomPriceGenie (and we hope it shows when you use it). You could call it a labour of love – we listen to customer feedback and really put our hearts into making their experience better and their revenue higher

Revenue Management basics for smaller hotels

Revenue Management basics for smaller hotels - RoomPriceGenie

Pioneered by the airline industry in the early 1980s, revenue management is a way of pricing and marketing products that are perishable; in other words, if you don’t sell it tonight, you can’t sell it tomorrow.

What is Revenue Optimization?

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Put simply, revenue optimisation means setting the best possible price for your hotel rooms based on the information available. It means determining not just a good price, but the best price.

8 Digital Marketing Tips for Smaller Hotels

Digital Marketing

I have been privileged in the last week to speak to two experts in the field of digital and social media hotel marketing – Are Morch and Sébastien Félix of Influence Society.

Revenue Management and Hospitality Technology in Switzerland

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We were fortunate enough recently to have a project on us carried out by an SBP team from the world renowned Ecole hôtelière de Lausanne. As part of their excellent project, they conducted a study into current practices in revenue management and hotel technology in general.

Revenue Management Software for Beginners

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At RoomPriceGenie, we speak to a lot of hoteliers. Although they all know that revenue is important (that’s why they are talking to us), often the whole subject is very confusing.