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Why are we offering a hotel technology academy?

RoomPriceGenie Academy Courses

We have put a lot of care and hard work into building RoomPriceGenie (and we hope it shows when you use it). You could call it a labour of love – we listen to customer feedback and really put our hearts into making their experience better and their revenue higher. When the idea of building an academy as well came up, we were worried it might distract from our main mission. But we did it anyway, and we poured our energy and love into this project too. Why?

1. There is something big happening in hotel technology at the moment

PMSs and Channel Managers are opening up their connectivity, and we are seeing an explosion in new technology, bringing many possibilities that were not previously available.

But with so many possibilities come many choices to make. We noticed that many hotels we speak to don’t feel in a position to be able to judge what technology will help them and what they could do without. They see all of the promises made by providers, and don’t know which to believe. And in the end, they will often put off making a decision.

We are in a fortunate position of being able to see a lot of the new technology, and we also have a lot of friends with expert knowledge in specific areas. We realised that we can help the hotel managers to cut through the noise and improve their technology.

2. Technology is a journey, not an endpoint

As a company, we firmly believe in constantly improving. In keeping eyes and ears open and making sure that we are doing the best we reasonably can. So why should we not want that for our clients?

It’s true that a large part of revenue increase comes from pricing, but there are many other ways to further improve. The academy is our way of contributing to this further improvement.

Technology is evolving and it can help to save time, improve the guest experience and increase your bottom line. By keeping up with the essentials, you won’t be left behind and will be in a healthy position for the future.

3. The children are our future

We are already seeing the course taken up by hotel schools, who really appreciate the work we put into creating such high-quality content. And hotel technology is a subject that a lot of hotel schools are not so up-to-date with.

Our course means that the future generations of hospitality will have an introduction to the technology available today, and also an understanding of the RoomPriceGenie method of revenue management.

4. So that our clients use RoomPriceGenie better

We believe that revenue management strategy is important, alongside pricing tools that implement the strategy. With a better understanding of revenue management as a whole, you can make your strategic impact bigger and improve revenue.

Section 2 of the course is really about using RoomPriceGenie to the highest potential and improving all aspects of your pricing.

Why not have a look?

It costs you nothing – as you get 2 weeks for free.
And whatever stage you are at, you will find something useful.
Find out more about the course here.