The Benefits of Having Cloud-Based Hotel Management Software

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Cloud-based software is perhaps one of the leading changes within the hotel industry over the past decade. Through offering hotel owners safe and reliable means of running their property, the cloud presents a huge opportunity compared to the older on-premise systems.  Despite this, the daunting task of changing systems often means hotel owners are reluctant […]

Why are we offering a hotel technology academy?

RoomPriceGenie Academy Courses

We have put a lot of care and hard work into building RoomPriceGenie (and we hope it shows when you use it). You could call it a labour of love – we listen to customer feedback and really put our hearts into making their experience better and their revenue higher. When the idea of building […]

Revenue Management with Semper

Semper RoomPriceGenie

Semper is a comprehensive Property Management System that is easy to use and available in cloud or on-premise versions. Semper includes a CRM ensuring enhanced guest experience such as contactless check-in, guest services enabling account access from anywhere with ability to check out without the hassle of queuing at the reception desk. You will also […]

RoomPriceGenie and Seekom – a partnership case-study from New Zealand

Seekom RoomPriceGenie

The back-story Three or four years ago, Seekom, an established and well-respected property management system (PMS) from New Zealand, made a bold decision. They wanted to offer their clients more than just a standard PMS – they saw a lot of opportunity for their clients to make more revenue and wanted to help them achieve […]

Revenue Management with Guesty

Guesty RoomPriceGenie

Guesty is a property management platform used by property managers and management companies to run their short-term and vacation rentals.  Guesty’s property management software provides end-to-end solutions which simplify the complex operational needs of accommodation providers. A unified platform created with smart technology in mind, incorporating many automated tools to fit all the needs of […]

The Importance of Hotel Positioning in Building Your Hotel Brand

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When people think of branding, they maybe think that means getting a good logo. But is this all there is to it? Absolutely not! And it is extremely important in determining the success of your hotel. What is your brand? Your brand is a combination of your promise to the customer, the role you play […]

RoomPriceGenie and RoomRaccoon – a match made in room heaven

RoomRaccoon RoomPriceGenie

The life of a hotelier has never been easy. But especially in the new world we live in today, doing business isn’t getting any easier, right? Sometimes, it feels like the job of a hotelier turned from a guest-facing hospitality provider to a role where you are behind your computer all day long trying to […]

It’s time for a man-and-machine team in revenue management

It’s time for a man-and-machine team in revenue management

How a little maths genius can make everyday life easier for us revenue managers Guest post by Gianluca Marongiu, from our partner Swiss Hospitality Solutions who offer a high level of revenue management consulting, outsourcing and education.  We see digitization and automation as one of the greatest opportunities for the hotel industry, especially during COVID-19 […]

5 Ways to Stay Productive and Prepare Your Hotel for Life After Lockdown

5 ways to stay productive and prepare your hotel for life after lockdown

There really isn’t any way to put a gloss on what is happening at the moment. However, it is always good to think of the positives and make the best of the situation.  We would suggest that the enforced break due to COVID-19 can be seen as an opportunity to re-envisage what you want your […]

Revenue Management with Guestline

Announcement Guestline RoomPriceGenie

Guestline is a Property Management System (PMS) dedicated to giving you more time with your guests. Believing that time is your greatest power, Guestline covers every base from property and channel management to booking engines and payment solutions. With a self-explanatory software and easy functionality, this PMS gives its customers total ease at the touch […]

8 Digital Marketing Tips for Smaller Hotels

Digital Marketing

I have been privileged in the last week to speak to two experts in the field of digital and social media hotel marketing – Are Morch and Sébastien Félix of Influence Society. Both had a similar, and important messages. In this post, I am looking at what this means for smaller independent hotels. First, with […]

How To Improve Your Website and Encourage More Direct Bookings

man workplace home pc How To Improve Your Website

Your website is the face of your hotel to the outside world. It can be a make or break when it comes to customers booking direct. Studies show that as many as 80% of travelers book their holidays online, so it is imperative that you compete with the easy formatting of OTAs and drive customers […]

Hotel Management Software – How does it all fit together?

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GDS, CRS, CRM, PMS, RMS, Channel Manager, Booking Engine. Cloud-based, On-site based, yield management, revenue management, rate parity, blah blah blah, RevPAR. If this is what your search for hotel management software has looked like so far, let us try to help to fit it all together. The diagram above shows a simple hotel software […]

Hotel Software – 7 Attributes of a Good Property Management System

Hotel Software ;7 Attributes of a Good Property Management System

Hotel software is a very confusing area if you are trying to work out what is best for your hotel. And there are no easy answers. At we don’t sell a property management system (PMS). Instead we make revenue management  software (also known as yield management software) that links into the property management system, […]