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Revenue Management with Guesty

Guesty is a property management platform used by property managers and management companies to run their short-term and vacation rentals. 

Guesty’s property management software provides end-to-end solutions which simplify the complex operational needs of accommodation providers. A unified platform created with smart technology in mind, incorporating many automated tools to fit all the needs of the modern vacation rental owner. Anything from storing and managing listings, reservations and guest’s information to powerful reporting and guest communication. 

But not only that…

Guesty likes to help their users make more money and that is where the integration with RoomPriceGenie comes in.

RoomPriceGenie is now available on Guesty’s Marketplace and can maximise your revenue with automated dynamic pricing, using data from your local market. We’ll optimise the prices for your remaining units, charging more than your competition when you are almost full and being cheaper when you need to be. 

If you’re interested in using our dynamic pricing tool alongside Guesty or wish to find out more about how we can help you make the most out of your property, contact our team. 

Run a successful business through
automated room pricing

You can go live with your new prices in a few days, and start getting the benefit without paying a penny. Why not book a call with our revenue manager to see why so many hoteliers love RoomPriceGenie?

No credit card required. No obligation.

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