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Revenue Management with Semper

Semper is a comprehensive Property Management System that is easy to use and available in cloud or on-premise versions.

Semper includes a CRM ensuring enhanced guest experience such as contactless check-in, guest services enabling account access from anywhere with ability to check out without the hassle of queuing at the reception desk. You will also find additional interfaces for every aspect of your business – conferencing, accounting, payments, POS, etc.

Semper helps their clients make more money with an extensive online platform and direct 2-way integration with RoomPriceGenie. Seamless and simple dynamic pricing with RoomPriceGenie’s automated revenue management tool. Revenue management as hassle-free and easy as possible for everyone!

If you’re interested in using our  tool alongside Semper or wish to find out more about how we can help you make the most out of your property, contact our team. 

Run a successful business through
automated room pricing

You can go live with your new prices in a few days, and start getting the benefit without paying a penny. Why not book a call with our revenue manager to see why so many hoteliers love RoomPriceGenie?

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