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Ask The Experts #1 – Customer Journey with Chris from Mews

Customer Journey

RoomPriceGenie recently took a little bit of a field trip over to London for the World Travel Market (WTM). We took the opportunity to chat with some of our partners about what kind of hospitality technology they would recommend for a smaller sized hotel. First up, we’ve got Chris from Mews.

Mews is an open cloud PMS that allows a wide selection of other apps to integrate into their software. We love working with them and we have it on good authority that they feel the same. 

Working at Mews, Chris has access to all these apps and recommends them to his clients…but what we wanted to know was which technology he would use if he had a small hotel? 

Chris discusses using your PMS as the hub around which everything else is built. He focuses on the customer journey and finding technology that meets the specific needs of your guest; from online booking all the way through to their in-stay experience. 

We’re very pleased to see he recommends revenue management software as an important part of getting your prices right and automating just a few of your daily tasks. 

See what else he discusses in our very first ‘Ask The Expert’ interview and be sure to check out Capterra or Hotel Tech Report if you’d like to compare the different hotel technologies available to you. And don’t forget to get in touch with the team here at RoomPriceGenie if you’d like to find out more on how we can help your small hotel. 

Hi, we’re here with Chris from Mews today. And we’d like to ask you, if you were the owner of a 20-bedroom hotel, what technologies would your recommend investing in? 

It’s a deep question with a very simple answer. You have to come up with what you want to do, and who you want to cater to, and from there we chop up the different types of software you should be using. 

So you have to have a nervous system of all the operations you’re doing, which, essentially, should be a PMS

Your PMS should be connected to all sorts of technology that you first have to come up with why you want to use them. So when we go through the guest experience and journey, you need to have a website with a booking engine that is connected to a PMS. 

Prices will be set by a revenue management system based on your needs. So every hotel, hostel or apartment group has different needs in pricing, you choose a proper revenue management system that fits your specific needs. 

Before a guest arrives, you want to have some communications with them right? So you want to send your pre-stay emails, your upsell emails; it’s very important and we are seeing that almost no one is doing that. 

If you don’t, you don’t capitalise on extra revenue, which is nice. But you especially don’t show the guest that you’re interested in them. How do you know who’s interested in what? That’s something you can feed from a CRM. 

These are all aspects that have to do with the booking process. In-stay? Have a nice kiosk to check your people in, have some additional software in the room, like a tablet you can do the lights and music with. And then have a look at how you want to engage your guests with their stay. It can either be on their mobile phone, or on the tablet in their room, or nothing at all and you just engage in a human way. 

But you need to be prepared, and the most important thing is you really need to think about, ‘who do I want to cater to,’ ‘how do I want to cater to them’ and ‘how do I myself want to be treated as a guest’? When you know that, you’ll find the right tech stack or you can just consult with us.