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The Next Generation of Hotel Technology

Hotel Technology

We love our partners and we’re pretty sure they’re relatively fond of us too. Fortunately, we were given the opportunity to have a chat with some of our friends over at the recent World Travel Market (WTM) expo in London and bring to you the faces behind the next generation of hotel technology. 

Check out the videos below to learn more about what the future could hold…

1. Enrico at CinqueStelle

CinqueStelle is, as the name might suggest, a top rate cloud property management system (PMS) that offers an all-in-one solution to running and managing your hotel. Cloud-based with easy access and control over almost every aspect of running a hotel, CinqueStelle is roaring forward in the hospitality technology world. Watch the video below to learn more from Enrico about why CinqueStelle is the right solution for you.

2. James at SiteMinder

SiteMinder is a booming guest acquisition platform that offers an array of services to ensure your hotel is maximising the number of incoming guests. From helping you to gain more visibility online, to providing access to a sea of third-party applications, SiteMinder is leading the way with technology aimed at enhancing and distributing your property.
Why is SiteMinder the right choice for you? Watch the video below to see what SiteMinder’s senior director of global demand partnerships, James Bishop, has to say. 

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3. Nik at Clock Software

ClockSoftware is another cloud-based PMS that provides you with site-wide management technology. Their solution is a great fit for both multi-property chains or small independent hotels and provides full internal automation as well as mobile check-in, staff collaboration and guest mailer. We spoke to Nik to find out more about why Clock is the perfect solution for you.

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4. Chris at Mews

Mews are currently taking the hospitality technology industry by storm. A PMS with a huge variety of service, Mews can help you manage your property, coordinate your distribution and give you access to their marketplace with a variety of third-party services and apps to help you better run your hotel. Not convinced? Let Chris give you insight into why Mews is the right choice for you.

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We’d like to thank Enrico, James, Nik and Chris for taking the time to speak to us over at WTM and if you’d like to find any more information on the future faces of hotel technology be sure to check out HotelTechReport or Capterra as well as our blog for regular updates on what’s happening in the world of hotel technology.