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Ask The Experts #2 – Hotel Technology with Nik at Clock Software

Hospitality Technology

It’s time for another ‘Ask The Experts’ where we have a chat with some of our partners about the hotel technology they would recommend for smaller sized hotels. 

Today, we’re talking about hotel technology with Nik from Clock Software. Clock is a cloud-based PMS that focuses on property management, real-time distribution, and 2-way guest engagement. 

Nik took a strong focus on automation, seeing most managers of small hotels as a one-man army. Choosing tech that can alleviate as many of the pressures on hoteliers as possible enables them to spend less time in the office and more on the floor with their guests. 

From revenue management technology (hurrah!) to housekeeping, there is no end to Nik’s suggestions. Having a well-integrated PMS (like Clock…) doesn’t go amiss either. 

Watch the video below for Nik’s tips on how you can make performing your daily tasks a little easier. Need a little extra help? Have a look at Capterra or Hotel Tech Report for a comparison of various software providers.

Don’t forget to get in touch with us here at RoomPriceGenie if you have any questions or would like to learn more about how revenue management could be saving you time and money. 

Hi, I’m here with Nik at Clock Software and we’d like to ask you as an expert in the hospitality industry if you were to personally own a 20-bedroom hotel, what technologies would you recommend investing in? 

I would recommend as many technologies as possible because managers of 20 rooms or less are usually one-men army and they’re dealing with many things so they have to have as many processes updated as possible. 

Especially, revenue management, online distribution, guest engagement, guest communication, housekeeping, guest messaging and everything else. It’s really important to save time for the managers in order to be able to deal with the tasks they have on a daily basis. 

Fortunately, Clock is integrated with all the tools you need to save time