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November 19, 2019

Ask The Experts #3 – Maximising Revenue with James from SiteMinder

It’s time for another ‘Ask The Experts’ where we have a chat with some of our partners about the hotel technology they would recommend for smaller sized hotels.

Maximising Revenue

Welcome back to our third installment of ‘‘Ask The Experts’ – where we have a chat with some of our partners and experts in the industry on what hotel technology they recommend for 20-bedroom hoteliers. 

For this one, we’ve had a natter with James Bishop from SiteMinder ahead of their app store launch. SiteMinder is a Guest Acquisition Platform that looks to bring you closer to your guests, giving you the freedom to spend more time making memorable experiences for your clients. 

SiteMinder has recently released their very own app store, offering a wide variety of solutions to the everyday problems faced by hoteliers of all backgrounds. When we got chatting to James, his focus for small hotel owners lay in revenue maximisation. A good revenue management tool (did someone say RoomPriceGenie?), as well as an upselling tool, will ensure you’re making the most out of the customers you’ve already got coming in the door. 

 Have a look at our interview with James below to find out more about what technology he thinks can help small to medium-sized hotels, and of course, don’t forget to check out Capterra or Hotel Tech Report if you need more information on what’s available to you. 


Hi, we’re here with James from SiteMinder and you are in charge of local partnerships that help drive revenue for hotels worldwide. So we’d like to talk to you about if you were the owner of a 20-bedroom hotel, what technologies would you recommend investing in? 

So that’s a bit of a dream of mine. It’s probably going to be my retirement plan. I’d love to have a small hotel. 

I’m a little bit of a tech nerd, a bit of a geek, so it will be hard to narrow it down to just one application and I would certainly be using multiple applications…which is one of the reasons we actually developed the app store which we launched this week. It allows hotels to find the right technology for them. 

But certainly, for that smaller segment, 20  rooms, I think revenue management would be number one for me because there are so few hotels that actually use technology to drive their pricing decisions, that it makes it a real competitive advantage. 

Secondly, would probably be an upsell app to go alongside that because obviously once you’ve had that guest booked, really maximising that revenue out of each and every guest would be key. And of course, I would have the SiteMinder channel manager. 

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