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June 11, 2024

RoomPriceGenie’s CEO Ari Andricopoulos Featured in Revfine’s Hospitality Influencers Series

We are excited to announce that CEO and Co-founder, Ari Andricopoulos, has been featured in the Hospitality Influencers series on Revfine–a knowledge platform for the hotel hospitality & travel industry.

RoomPriceGenie's CEO Ari Andricopoulos Featured in Revfine's Hospitality Influencers Series

Who doesn’t love a good story? Our CEO and Co-founder, Ari Andricopoulos, definitely has one.

Recently he has been featured in the Hospitality Influencers series on Revfine. In this in-depth interview, Ari shares the story behind RoomPriceGenie and how it’s making revenue management easy for independent hoteliers.


During the interview, Ari discusses:

  • How his father’s struggles with pricing rooms inspired the creation of an automated solution tailored for independent hotels.
  • The obstacles faced in developing and launching RoomPriceGenie, and how user feedback and expert collaboration refined the product.
  • RoomPriceGenie’s user-friendly design that allows hoteliers to maximize revenue without extensive revenue management knowledge.
  • His predictions for the future of RoomPriceGenie and the hospitality industry.

Oh, and let’s not forget: where he would love to work within the hospitality industry if he wasn’t a Genie… you can’t miss that 😉

Read the full interview on Revfine to learn more about Ari’s vision and what RoomPriceGenie offers to independent property owners.

To learn how RoomPriceGenie can help your property increase your property’s profitability, start your free trial of our automated pricing solution today!

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