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Revenue Management Glossary

Transient – Market Segment

Transient guests are one of the major market segments an consist of individuals or groups that are occupying less than 10 rooms per night. Generally, they are walk-in guests, last minute or bookers or simply people that require a very short term stay in your facility. They require very little in terms of services and predominantly are just interested in a clean room and somewhere to sleep. 

These guests are valuable in putting bums in beds but less valuable in driving revenue through the wider services of your hotel. It may well be that your hotel deals more heavily in this market segment or it may be that such travellers have to be carefully monitored using minimum stay requirements to ensure your business is getting maximum revenue. 

Knowing your market segments is an extremely valuable piece of information. It allows to tailor you business, brand and customer service to best meet the needs of your guests, as well as enabling you to maximise on revenue. 

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