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December 11, 2023

Ten Upgraded Integrations with Partners

The newly enhanced integrations enable even more revenue analytics capabilities for hotel clients using both solutions.

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RoomPriceGenie – developer of the leading revenue management solution designed with the needs of independent properties and BnBs in mind – is proud to announce enhanced integration partnerships with ten leading integration partners, including

Apaleo PMS

BookingFactory Hotel Management System

Cloudbeds PMS

Guestline Hotel Operations Platform


Ibelsa Cloud-based Hotel Software

Mews PMS

Protel PMS

Resly Hotel PMS

SabeeApp PMS

Each of these enhanced integrations enables hotels using RoomPriceGenie to unlock even more functionality within the application. The improvements include more detailed revenue analytics, giving hoteliers real-time data and insights into their property’s performance. This enables them to make better, data-based decisions and ensure the efficacy of their pricing and marketing strategies. In addition, these integrations enable new future functionality, including enhanced market segmentation, the ability to close rooms, and implement minimum length-of-stay restrictions.

“RoomPriceGenie already offers a world-class, award-winning revenue management solution, but through deepening our integrations with strategic partners, we can vastly increase the functionality and performance of our solution for all our shared hotel clients,” said Jörg Siegel, Co-Founder and CTO of RoomPriceGenie. “Through these integrations (and the many more to come soon), our solution can capture more data, which enhances the reporting & analytics and, therefore, the ability for hoteliers to maximise their profitability.”

In addition to these ten new integrations, RoomPriceGenie has five more integrations that are currently being finalised (follow us to find out when they are live!) as part of an initiative that focuses on creating deeper integration partnerships with as many of the leading hotel technology solutions as possible. This ensures that RoomPriceGenie clients can use the solution with enhanced analytics and earn the most ROI on their tech investment.

To find out more about the impact of the new enhanced integration partnerships schedule a call with our revenue experts.

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