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March 4, 2024

Real-time Surge Protection Feature

RoomPriceGenie is happy to announce our new Real-time Surge Protection feature, which will protect you from selling out too cheap (and missing out on those high-demand opportunities).

Real-time Surge Protection Feature

Taylor Swift is Coming to Town

Recently, Taylor Swift announced the date of one of her upcoming Eras tour dates only through cryptic messages in the lyrics of her latest single; nevertheless, word spread fast about the concert date, and suddenly, the Swifties were looking for a place to stay, making demand in the destination skyrocket. 🚀

Imagine that this happened in your destination… it could have been a great opportunity, but, unfortunately for you, Taylor Swift didn’t think to give you a heads-up. Because you don’t know about the concert or the increase in demand, you don’t have time to increase your rates before all of the Swifties started snapping up your rooms at rock-bottom prices, negatively impacting your bottom line. 💸

Taylor Swift concerts are only one recent example of this scenario, which happens often: a big event is announced, and a hotelier is unaware of it until all of their rooms have been booked at a fraction of the price they could have charged, leaving revenue on the table. 

Never fear; RoomPriceGenie is here with a solution to eliminate this unfortunate problem once and for all: Real Time Surge Protection.


What is Surge Protection? 

The Surge Protection feature uses real-time data to monitor your property data for unexpected demand surges. It will temporarily update your prices accordingly while prompting your revenue management team to take action, ensuring that your property is never left in the dark when demand skyrockets in your destination. 

Traditional models of gathering event data are too slow to influence RMS pricing to account for these sudden increases in demand. To address this, RoomPriceGenie combined real-time market data and the Surge Protection algorithm to give hoteliers maximum security against selling their rooms too cheaply in times of high demand. 

Think of Surge Protection as the ultimate safety net for your property!


How does it work?

When a hotel receives an unusually high number of bookings within a short timeframe, the Surge Protection feature sends you an e-mail prompting you to update your pricing to account for the increased demand. You also will notice a notification on the calendar for the day(s) of increased demand. 

In addition to notifying you, Surge Protection goes one step further to ensure that you never lose out on potential revenue opportunities: the solution will automatically update your rates (temporarily) in case you can’t act on the e-mail prompt right away, ensuring that you are consistently earning the most revenue possible, no matter how market demand changes. 


What are the key benefits of Surge Protection? 

The RoomPriceGenie Surge Protection feature can react more quickly to sudden changes in demand than humans can, so your room rates will always be priced accurately to secure you the most bookings with the highest ADR possible. 

The feature is also customisable according to your needs, enabling you to select who receives the e-mail notification (or whether to turn off the e-mail alerts completely), how many bookings within 24 hours would trigger a “surge”, and how far in advance the system should look for surge opportunities – giving all types and sizes of hotel the customised protection that they need to ensure they never miss out on a surge in demand again. 


Start Your 14-Day Free Trial Now

You can go live with your new prices – with the new Surge Protection feature included – and start experiencing the benefit of RoomPriceGenie (increased bookings and revenue!) in only a few days, without paying a penny.

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