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Revenue Management Glossary

Qualified – Transient Sub-segment


The qualified market segment, which is a sub-segment of the transient market, refers to individual guests who qualify for a discounted rate or promotion based on specific criteria or affiliations. Examples of qualified market segments include loyalty program members, senior citizens, students, corporate affiliations, government or military affiliations and/or association memberships. Depending on a hotel’s preferences, qualified bookings can be required to only be made through the direct channels to reduce acquisition costs.

How to use it

Hotels should offer tailored pricing and experiences designed to suit each qualified market segment's specific needs/expectations, which can increase guest satisfaction and stimulate loyalty. This can also be a good way for a property to differentiate itself from their competition within the destination. Although the qualified market segment is often offered a discounted room rate, hotels can balance the lower RevPAR with increased opportunity for potential ancillary, non-room revenue that can be earned from on-site products or services purchased by these guests,.



Related Terms

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I use targeted marketing strategies (such as email marketing, partnership promotions or digital advertising) to reach qualified segments, highlighting the benefits and exclusivity of the available rates. I market strategically to qualified segments when its necessary to boost occupancy and revenue, based on market demand, seasonality, and occupancy forecasts; generally, I recommenduring that hotels expand the availability of these rates to attract more guests in low occupancy periods and lessen the availability of these rates during periods of high demand.

Babynke Kingma

Babynke Kingma