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Pia Doris Weber
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Pia Doris Weber

Event Marketing Manager

Welcome to my page. Please feel free to get in touch.

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Strictly Business

Event Marketing Manager
I have a diverse background in event management and hospitality. I began my career at an event company, where I specialized in automotive events. This role allowed me to develop expertise in organizing and executing events within the automotive industry. Afterward, I transitioned to a role at a private resort in Mallorca, where I continued to work in event management, albeit in a more exclusive and high-end setting. In this role, I had the opportunity to coordinate travel and events for a discerning clientele, including high-profile individuals.
Expertise! The knowledge and skills of our team members in areas such as data analysis, forecasting, pricing strategies, and market insights are essential for the success of the program :-)
The hospitality industry is international, and professionals in hospitality technology can work on projects with a global reach, allowing them to engage with diverse cultures and markets.

A little more…

Compassion, Excellence, & Adventure .
Sunshine, Detail-Oriented, Empathy.
Seek a balance in all things!
Epic Escapes: Tales of Adventure and Discovery
Hiking, Dancing or Drinking Wine 🍷