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Elias Benchaira
Flag of Morocco

Elias Benchaira

Sales Development Representative

Welcome to my page. Please feel free to get in touch.

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In our Meet the Genies series, we give you the opportunity to get to know the friendly faces that make RoomPriceGenie more than just an algorithm.

Strictly Business

Sales Development Representative
Hotel Industry
The process of getting prices right for hoteliers can be very challenging. It can be very time consuming and getting the right prices all year round can be a difficult task. RoomPriceGenie offers a easy to understand solution for every customer, and the awards the company has won and at the speed in which it is excelling proves that RoomPriceGenie is the right company to trust with pricing decisions.
Setting their prices right 365 days a year. I want to help hotel owners maximize their revenue which they are missing out on, and saving them the valuable time they could be spending on other important tasks.
I have a fascination in the efficiency technology brings. I come from a hotel background, so being able to integrate both with each other is great.

A little more…

I want to further educate myself in the industry, as the opportunity to learn is never ending.
Trustworthy, Open minded, Warm hearted
Don´t worry about the things you can´t control.
Spending time with my girlfiend and dogs or drinking coffee.