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Rodman von Heeren
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Rodman von Heeren

Sales & Revenue Manager

Welcome to my page. Please feel free to get in touch.

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Strictly Business

Sales & Revenue Manager
I’ve worked a bit of everywhere and gained a diverse range of experiences. I started my career with vocational education at a Swiss drawer manufacturing company, working as an office clerk. After a brief stint in internal sales for a paper wholesaler, I embarked on a 15-year (and counting) journey in the Tourism & Hospitality industry. I began as a travel agent for a major business travel agency, but my desire to specialize in South America led me to pack my backpack and explore the lower half of the continent.

In Chile, I had my first experience in hospitality, working as an all-arounder (Reception, Kitchen, Service, Admin, Housekeeping, Tour Guide) at a small lodge in the mountains, surrounded by national parks and volcanoes. Following that adventure, I joined a peace-keeping mission to save money for attending SHL in Lucerne, Switzerland. During my studies there, I gained profound experience in hotel operations and event management within various hotels and restaurants.

Upon completing my studies, I embarked on a career in Revenue Management, working for multiple hotels across Switzerland. Most recently, I served as Cluster Revenue Manager for six hotels across the country.
Having been a customer and user for multiple years, I loved that it was a simple-to-use tool that various roles in the hotel could easily understand and utilize.
Hoteliers love to spend time with their guests; Revenue Managers love to crunch their data. Their time is far too valuable for manual day-by-day pricing.
Bringing technology solutions to the hospitality business to enhance both guest experiences and employee journeys.

A little more…

Transparency, Honesty, Creativity
You cannot pour from an empty jug.
Most likely going out for a ride on my bicycle or attending a double lesson of indoor cycling. You might also find me going for a walk, visiting family & friends, and enjoying life.