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Cedrik Levin
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Cedrik Levin

Revenue Manager

Welcome to my page. Please feel free to get in touch.

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Strictly Business

Born and raised in Hamburg, Germany. Went to Africa and Switzerland but I was always drawn back to Hamburg.
The System itself but especially the people working here.
Revenue Management is a very complex topic and even if you know more than the basics, it is time consuming. I want to take pressure from the hotels, so they can invest the time into the main points: their employees and guests.
It is great to be part of an evolving company with a solution for hotels, which normally would not have the resources or time to do revenue management. Being in touch with costumers and enhance the product to advance their experience through their feedback.

A little more…

No standstill. Self-improvement is the key. By improving, I can support our clients and my team.
Do not be embarrassed to make a mistake. Stand by it, so you can learn.
Being somewhere in the nature with my dog.