Your hotel’s prices are probably too low!

Your hotel’s prices are probably too low!

We often find that the hotels we set up are not, in our opinion, charging enough for their rooms. Especially now, in a post-corona period, when everything is uncertain, many hotels choose to sell low rather than sell their rooms for a good deal.  Why do hotels keep their prices too low?  Hoteliers often don’t […]

It’s time for a man-and-machine team in revenue management; how a little maths genius can make everyday life easier for us revenue managers

It’s time for a man-and-machine team in revenue management

Guest post by Gianluca Marongiu, from our partner Swiss Hospitality Solutions who offer a high level of revenue management consulting, outsourcing and education. The post is translated from this article on their website We see digitization and automation as one of the greatest opportunities for the hotel industry, especially during COVID-19 times. Implementation of new […]

Who is your hotel’s competitive set?

Who is your hotel’s competitive set?

Your real competitors may surprise you! Defining your competitive set (comp set) as a hotel has long been seen as an important part of revenue management. Many hotels look to keep a certain pricing gap with their competitors. For some, this relationship forms an important component of their pricing decisions. But what if most hotels […]

5 ways to stay productive and prepare your hotel for life after lockdown

There really isn’t any way to put a gloss on what is happening at the moment. However, it is always good to think of the positives and make the best of the situation.  We would suggest that the enforced break due to COVID-19 can be seen as an opportunity to re-envisage what you want your […]

What can Independent Hotels do to Lower The Impact of Coronavirus?

The COVID-19 Coronavirus has already had a large impact on the hotel industry and brought with it a huge amount of uncertainty. The first priority at this time is obviously the safety of guests and staff. But the economic impacts are never far from everyone’s mind. The best advice we have heard is that hotels […]

Revenue Management basics for smaller hotels

What is revenue management?  Pioneered by the airline industry in the early 1980s, revenue management is a way of pricing and marketing products that are perishable; in other words, if you don’t sell it tonight, you can’t sell it tomorrow. Revenue management is the process of achieving full financial value for what you offer, but […]

Behavioural Economics and Hotel Revenue Management

Hotel revenue management is about more than just making the most money for your room tonight   We often hear hotels saying that they don’t change their prices because regular customers like the fact that their prices stay the same. Their feeling is that consistency builds loyalty. This is certainly true. To some extent we […]

Marvin Talking About Hotel Technology (In Iceland) At RoomPriceGenie we LOVE co-founder Marvin’s presentations. And it’s not just us – we get a lot of great feedback too. And now, thanks to the wonders of modern technology, you too can experience the joy! Recently, Marvin took a trip to Iceland, presenting to a group of hoteliers information on hotel technology with […]