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Hotel Rössli Gourmet & Spa

“In terms of today, dynamic pricing is crucial to one’s positioning in the market.”
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Case Study

Hotel Rössli Gourmet & Spa, Weggis, Switzerland - Anne Klaus

"In terms of today, dynamic pricing is crucial to one's positioning in the market."

Introduce yourself briefly and tell us more about your hotel, your story and the market.

The 4-star Hotel Rössli Gourmet & Spa with its 62 rooms with balcony, the diverse SPA area and an exquisite gourmet cuisine is the perfect place for a relaxing getaway. On the shores of Lake Lucerne and in a very quiet location, you will feel right at home.

Since the beginning of 2019, I have been responsible for the pricing of the hotel rooms, among other things, as head of the reception.

How did you do your prices before RoomPriceGenie and how much time did that cost you?

Before dynamic pricing with RPG, prices were calculated by season and by manually checking the market. This was often too inaccurate and not optimal for business with individual travelers, and also extremely time-consuming.

How important is dynamic pricing for you in today’s market?

In relation to today’s market, dynamic pricing is crucial for one’s positioning in the market. The booking behavior of guests is changing more and more and is becoming more spontaneous. As a hotel, we have to react to this, and the best way to do this is to adjust our prices to demand.

How has RoomPriceGenie made your life easier and what do you like best about RoomPriceGenie?

With RoomPriceGenie the market analysis of the competitors, as well as all other analyses to calculate the “most attractive” price, is done automatically. This facilitates the work enormously and at the same time saves a lot of time, which can be used for other tasks. What I like most is the ease of use and the clear presentation. You can see all the data that is important in revenue at a glance and can easily get a daily overview.

And finally: RoomPriceGenie in one sentence.

RoomPriceGenie is a clear tool with enough functions to simplify the revenue management for our hotel. I can absolutely recommend it.