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RoomPriceGenie and Typsy: Empowering hoteliers worldwide

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Who is Typsy?

Typsy provides online education to individuals, businesses, schools, associations, and governments globally to help people develop their skills and build their credentials. Typsy is an online learning experience platform with a curated library of short, bite-sized video lessons, all filmed with industry experts globally.

Based in Australia, Typsy aims to engage and inspire learners with accessible hospitality tips from leading industry experts worldwide. RoomPriceGenie is the newest partner and focuses on digital technologies that no hotel should be without. Typsy has users in 120+ countries and every month more than 1 million video lessons are watched on Typsy.

Typsy is used to skill up their staff at scale, onboard new starters with ease, and reduce time spent training by independent hotels and hotel groups. Every RoomPriceGenie course is followed by a quiz to test the gained knowledge and the users can earn badges by finishing the courses.

Our courses cover the following topics:

  • Introduction to hotel digitalization
  • Revenue management systems
  • Hotel revenue management
  • Hotel marketing
  • Cloud technology, distribution, and more

Why did we partner up?

With our RoomPriceGenie Academy, we have created inspiring courses. Thanks to Typsy, we make them available to hoteliers, hotel schools and anyone interested worldwide. Revenue management and digitalization should not be a complicated topic, but accessible for all hoteliers. Our CEO Ari Andricopoulos and Jonathan Plowright, CEO of Typsy explain everything about our exciting collaboration in the following video: