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About this Integration

SabeeApp is a cloud-based Property Management System ideal for property managers and hoteliers, offering the tools needed to automate and manage daily operations. With over ten years of experience and customers in +70 countries, SabeeApp is trusted by the biggest players in the travel industry. SabeeApp is available in 6 languages, offering user-friendly, highly customisable solutions for properties of any size and type. You can confidently use our software without any extra technical knowledge, access your information from anywhere at any time and simplify your daily operation tasks through automation so you can focus on what really matters: making your guests feel special during their stay while saving you valuable time. Take a step towards hotel automation with SabeeApp.
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At Sabeeapp, we take pride in providing hoteliers with the necessary tools to automate and improve their guests’ experiences and hotel operations. Through our partnership with RoomPriceGenie, we help our customers increase their revenue by up to 22% and save time by automatically adjusting prices based on demand and market trends.