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What is is an association of german hotel tech providers providers. The platform provides answers to the question how digital tools can save valuable time for hoteliers. In an animated 3D tour every interested hotelier can see the future in action – with different partial solutions of the digital guest journey – for example, online booking, mobile check-in or our revenue management software. This is made possible by our cooperation with seven other hotel tech partners.

At, we jointly map all digital processes in the hotel, from the digital registration form to the smart locking system to the POS system. Each hotel is free to decide which of the offered partial solutions it would like to use for itself – because not every digital gadget is suitable for every business.


Why did we partner up with

“A modern hotel must be equipped for the digital world. This has long since included not only a PMS or channel manager, but other intelligent solutions. That is why we have joined, the alliance of leading German hotel tech companies. Let’s shape the future together!

Marvin Speh

Co Founder & COO of RoomPriceGenie

Gone are the days when missing interfaces led to problems. All solutions in hotelnext work seamlessly together to create the hotel of the future.

The hotel industry of the future will be successful if it is networked in the best possible way. At RoomPriceGenie, we strongly believe that we should be working more closely together as hotel tech providers – and not the other way around.


Who is part of RoomPriceGenie

Our partners on the platform are all specialists and digital pioneers in their fields:

  • CODE2ORDER Digitization of hotel stays (check-in & out, registration form, guest folder)
  • DIRMEIER Digital dispensing technology
  • DIRS21 is a web-based booking and channel management system for the hotel industry
  • GASTRONOVI Smart POS solution for the hotel catering industry
  • HOTELIERS.COM The total solution for more direct bookings
  • IBELSA Cloud based hotel software of the future
  • ROOMPRICEGENIE Automated Hotel Revenue Management
  • SALTO SYSTEMS Electronic hotel locking systems