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Revenue Management Glossary

Group wash


Group wash is a process in which the number of rooms reserved for a group booking is updated based on more accurate information, as the arrival date approaches.

When a group booking is initially finalised, the number of rooms allocated for the booking may be based off of an estimate. As the arrival date approaches and as new information about the number of attendees is received, it is possible to establish a more accurate room count and free up inventory accordingly.

How to use it

Establishing the group wash enables hotels to optimise their room sales and manage overbooking risks by freeing up rooms to be sold to other transient guests. This process is also beneficial for the group that is booking the rooms, as it will help them avoid financial penalties for rooms that remain unused (depending on the terms of the initial reservation agreement).



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Evaluating your group wash is a very valuable process for your property to undertake with the organizer of your group booking, as it will free up unused inventory, allowing you to sell it to other market segments, and because it will ensure the client’s satisfaction, as they are not paying for rooms that they don’t use.

Tim Boersma

Tim Boersma