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Macky Suson
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Macky Suson

Senior Sales Development Representative

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Strictly Business

Senior Sales Development Representative
I’ve accumulated over a decade of sales experience, primarily within the dynamic environment of Apple, where I served as an Area Sales Manager based in Singapore. Additionally, I’ve garnered over a year of experience as an SDR in the HotelTech sector, collaborating with notable companies like Cloudbeds and Canary Technologies. Currently, I’m part of the team at RoomPriceGenie. Outside of my professional roles, I dedicate my free time, to consulting with hotel and restaurant owners, assisting them in various aspects of digital marketing. This includes managing their social media presence, content creation (videos and photos), optimizing their websites, implementing SEO strategies, handling Metasearch platforms, running advertising campaigns, and much more.
RoomPriceGenie’s unique solution revolutionizes revenue management for hotels by combining advanced automation, personalized strategies, and data-driven insights. Tailored to meet each property’s individual needs, it empowers hoteliers to effortlessly optimize room rates based on real-time market demand, ensuring both time savings and maximized revenue potential. What sets RoomPriceGenie apart is its continuous learning capability, which refines pricing strategies over time for even better results. With user-friendly features, affordability, and responsive support, it’s the game-changer in the industry that propels hotels to achieve unparalleled success.
One common challenge that hotel owners face is the complexity of dynamic pricing and revenue management. Many hoteliers struggle to manually adjust room rates based on fluctuating market conditions, which can lead to missed revenue opportunities or underpricing. I aim to simplify this process and offer a solution that automates and optimizes pricing, allowing hotel owners to focus on providing exceptional guest experiences while maximizing their profits.
What I find truly fulfilling about my role as an SDR in hospitality technology is being right there on the front lines of industry innovation. I’m genuinely passionate about assisting hotels and other businesses in the hospitality sector as they take the leap into the world of technology. It’s all about elevating the guest experience, making operations smoother, and boosting revenue. Witnessing the tangible impact of our solutions in this dynamic field is incredibly rewarding. We’re not just providing tools and insights; we’re making a real difference for hoteliers, helping them thrive in a fiercely competitive market.

A little more…

In my role as an SDR in the hospitality technology sector, I’m driven by a set of core values that guide my daily efforts. Innovation is at the forefront, inspiring me to seek out fresh and more effective solutions to address the unique challenges faced by hotels and businesses in the industry. A deep commitment to customer-centricity propels my work, as I strive to understand and prioritize the needs of our clients, tailoring solutions that enhance guest experiences and operational efficiency. Continuous learning is vital in this rapidly evolving field, and I embrace the opportunity to stay up-to-date with the latest trends and technologies. Team collaboration is a fundamental value, as I believe that working closely with colleagues and clients is the key to creating solutions that have a meaningful impact. Above all, my ultimate goal is to empower the success of hoteliers in an intensely competitive market, making their success my own, and these values collectively shape my approach in the world of hospitality technology.
If you asked my friends to describe me in three words, they would likely say I’m fun, creative, and passionate.
The most valuable piece of advice I’ve received is encapsulated in the phrase “Trust but verify.” This counsel underscores the significance of trust as a foundation in relationships and collaborations, while also highlighting the crucial role of verification when it comes to information, claims, or commitments. It’s a poignant reminder to strike a harmonious balance between trust and prudence. Trust is an essential element in nurturing robust connections and partnerships, but verification equips us with well-informed decision-making based on solid facts. This practical approach not only cultivates trustworthiness but also serves as a safeguard against the potential pitfalls of misinformation and disillusionment.
Chronicles of the Unwritten: A Journey Through the Pages of Possibility
On the weekends, you’re most likely to find me enjoying a variety of activities. I might spend quality time with friends, engaging in some friendly poker games. Living in the beautiful surroundings of Boracay Island, I often savor the stunning sunsets that grace the horizon. And with dreams of exploring Siargao Island, I hope to immerse myself in its scenic wonders soon. Additionally, I indulge in some relaxation by watching TV series on streaming platforms like Netflix, Apple TV, or Disney+.