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July 27, 2023

Explore a Redesigned RoomPriceGenie

It’s cleaner, more intuitive, and easier than ever to use and love.

UI Update RoomPricveGenie

Explore a Redesigned RoomPriceGenie

Our users have already seen the re-design of our application, and now we are excited to share it with the rest of the world! It’s cleaner, more intuitive, and easier than ever to use and love. But, the changes go well beyond front-end design. CTO and Co-founder Jörg explains: 

“We redesigned the application from the ground up to be easier to use and more intuitive for users. Beyond the look and feel, the redesign also enables us to release features faster in the future, which means more innovation and more revenue for our customers.”

When we set out to redesign RoomProceGenie, we focused on three key principles:

1. Best-in-class and robust pricing hoteliers can count on

If RoomPriceGenie isn’t helping customers drive revenue, we aren’t doing our jobs. Every feature we add or change we make is to ensure we fulfil our promise of better pricing.

2. An easy-to-use system designed for non-revenue experts

We could easily add lots of complex features and graphs to show how sophisticated the platform is. Pricing optimization is incredibly complex, and behind the scenes, we have some incredible minds doing very hard things. But, the beauty of RoomPriceGenie is that we take a very complicated product and make it easy for non-revenue experts to use and understand.

3. Everyone can easily understand how they’re doing and make confident decisions

While there’s a lot of complex math happening in the background, we make it simple to see how you’re doing at any time. And equally important, take charge at any moment and manually change prices as you see fit. You’re empowered and in control. 

Let’s take a look at just a few of the changes that you’ll see:

Fewer clicks to get you all the information you need in one place

RoomPriceGenie was purpose-built for busy hoteliers who took care of many other things in the hotel besides pricing. To make every minute count, we made changes to allow you to access more information in one place: 

Now, in the pricing calendar, you can easily switch between room types to see all pricing in one place.  

RoomPriceGenie product example, showing different calendar options

You can also get a fast overview of daily pricing by hovering over a specific day in the pricing calendar. There is no need to click on the day itself anymore. (Why waste a click?)

See closed periods of your hotel in the price chart to give you context for periods of no revenue (and avoid panic attacks.)

RoomPriceGenie product example, showing Closed periods in chart

Finally, Easily bulk edit prices directly in the calendar without switching tabs. You’ll find the bulk edit option at the top, right where you expect it.

Product example of RoomPriceGenie and the bulk edit feature

Get access to the detailed information you need to understand your revenue metrics.

Occupancy and pickup are critical measures of your success. To give you a more detailed view, you will now see two separate occupancy and pickup calendars for a better overview.

Occupancy Pickup

We can’t wait to hear what you think of these new features. Want to learn more? Book a demo of RoomPriceGenie and learn how hoteliers like you are using it to drive revenue through better pricing. Reach out today. We’d love to connect.

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