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Revenue Management Software company, RoomPriceGenie now offers a one-way integration with which allows you to see our pricing recommendations and updates on your profile. By making your dynamic and smart prices visible on multiple booking platforms, you’re boosting your visibility and encouraging more customers to view your competitive prices.

RoomPriceGenie is specially built for small hotels and apartments of between 4 and 60 units. It is simple to use, economical in price and can increase revenue by 22%.

Here at RoomPriceGenie, we believe that revenue management and dynamic pricing should be an easy and stress-free process. Competing with the best hotels in your area shouldn’t be just for the elite, by offering simple and easy revenue management software, RoomPriceGenie is giving our customers access to information previously only available to trained and experienced revenue managers.

If you’re interested in learning more about how our software can help you make the most out of your hotel, or you’d like to hear about our 14-day free trial, contact one of our team of experts and we’ll get you started with a demo call.

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Run a successful business through
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You can go live with your new prices in a few days, and start getting the benefit without paying a penny. Why not book a call with our revenue manager to see why so many hoteliers love RoomPriceGenie?

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